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Fast Retailing owns UNIQLO, GU, Theory, Comptoir des Cotonniers, Princesse tam.tam and J Brand.

Uniqlo Store Japan

After opening their first UNIQLO store, in Japan in 1984, they built a chain of suburban roadside stores. In 1998, they began opening stores in urban locations and ran a fleece campaign that ignited a UNIQLO boom across Japan.  Subsequently, they opened stores within prominent shopping malls, and also global flagship and hotspot stores in Ginza, Shinjuku and Osaka. As an SPA (Specialty-store retailer of Private-label Apparel) controlling the entire clothes-making process from design through manufacture and retail, UNIQLO offers high-quality casualwear at reasonable prices, and products that other companies can't.  

Global markets are now their key drivers of growth. The first UNIQLO International stores opened in the United Kingdom in 2001. By August 2014, UNIQLO International constituted approximately 37% of total UNIQLO sales, with 633 stores (versus 852 stores in Japan). China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and other parts of Asia are generating strong growth, and they are developing a network of stores in the United States.

Theory Store New York

Their low-priced GU fashion brand, launched in 2006, enjoys increasing success in Japan. In fiscal 2014, the number of GU stores reached 276, and the sales topped ¥100 billion. GU, operating under the same SPA business model as UNIQLO, is able to develop unique, highly competitive products.

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