International Apparel Federation
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The mission is to build bridges across continents, the IAF has the goal of maximizing the value its members can gain from global cooperation.  They work toward the betterment of business practices and the promotion of the international image of the apparel business.  The advancement of technology and the promotion of its’ use and the encouragement of innovation & new ways of thinking

for the growth of apparel trade worldwide is an important aspect of the organizations mission.

The International Apparel Federation aims to assist with improvement of social, health and safety, and environmental conditions relating to the apparel chain worldwide as well as the advancement of apparel related education and training.

A best case scenario sees an industry that has invested in its people, in its equipment and in its relations leading to a more sustainable, transparent and effective industry.  In this scenario, the industry can support the industrial development of countries with rising wages supported by rising productivity.  It can support the creation of new jobs in high cost economies through the emergence of new fashion brands.

Meeting these challenges and creating the best case scenario requires global corporations, which is what the IAF offers.  Many retailers, brands, manufacturers, solution providers and industry associations are already working hard to further improve the industry.  By building bridges across continents and helping to link national or regional solutions to form international ones, the IAF is supporting the industry’s positive growth.

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