MOGU Mogujie
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MOGU Inc. is a destination of fashion. With various kinds of fashion content and abundant fashion products, MOGU Inc. allows people to discover and share fashion trends while fully enjoying high-quality shopping experience. In 2011, MOGU Inc. launched fashion platform under the Mogujie brand . In 2016, the merger of Mogujie and Meilishuo was completed.Currently, MOGU Inc.'s online platform includes and websites, mogujie mobile app, Meilishuo mobile app, Uni mobile app and several WeChat Mini programs.

MOGU Inc. operates as an online clothing platform. The Company offers fashion, beauty, and lifestyle products and accessories. MOGU also focuses on engaging content comprises live video broadcasts, short-form videos, photographs, and articles covering topics including product reviews, fashion tips, and brand fitting room. MOGU serves customers in China.

In 2017, constructed Mogujie WeChat mini program matrix and became the leader and eco-system creator of E-commerce on WeChat.

MOGU / Mogujie

Mogujie’s community is quite active, focusing on fashion dressing and styling. Some 100 thousand users share their shopping experience and styling advice in the community every day. Styling tips, street snaps, brand fitting and private clothes sharing can be found in the community. In the meantime, the community also produces numerous fashion KOLs, including styling icons, fashion bloggers, models, photographers, who share practical, latest and valuable fashion information with users.

Live Streaming:

With oceans of KOLs, Mogujie brings users averagely over one thousand hours of live streaming each day. Through live streaming, KOLs can share with audiences personalized trendy styling, fitting, and skin care tips, bringing real beauty effects. While interacting with KOLs, users can easily order and buy products they like during live streaming. The high-quality live streaming content not only extends the time users stay online, but also brings an immersive fashion experience for users. In the meantime, the efficient and convenient interactive and purchasing methods also generate better business performances.