Ruby London
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Ruby London Jeans are a slinky new line of fashion forward denim wear from U.K. designer Kate Eccles.

Their sexy, flattering fit and easy pairing with dressy and casual pieces, these jeans are popular with women around the world from the trendy London set and sophisticated New York City girls to the spirited women of Istanbul and Dublin.

Ruby London jeans feature distinctively embroidered back yokes, branded pocket detailing and have been carried by House of Fraser, Harvey Nichols and Question Air.  They have also crossed the Atlantic, where they are a hit at Lord & Taylor and Intermix in New York and other fine retailers.

The collection's special ingredient is the fortune cookie-like aphorism contained within each jean. The idea came from a desire to bring a grounded message to a fashion product. The first jeans contained the words: "Without prayer there is no courage, and without courage no Ruby"  which was very appropriate for the launch of the new brand.

Kate has years of experience designing private label denim designer brands like Frost French, Ghost, Paul Costello, Pink Soda boutique and Barneys. They take the chosen denim cloth, work on achieving the correct wash, create spot-on fits and pull that all together with their distinctive RUBY London styling.

Ruby London jeans are recognized for their clean lines, awesome fits and tonal embroidery, which are inspired by world influences. For example, the Rennie straight leg re-interpreted an African tribe's spiritual tattoos onto the rear yoke area.

Ruby London is about simplicity and consistency.

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