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Shanghai Tang prides itself as the pioneering luxury brand from China, with a mission to be the global curator of mdern Chinese chic.

The brnad started as a bespoke tailoring atelier in 1994, drawing on the legendary craftsmanship of traditional Shanghainese tailoring and rich fabrics to craft impeccably cut clothing.

They reinterpret the beauty and richness of the past as well as the opulence of Shanghai in novel lines of colorful clothing.

Shanghai Tang is a Hong Kong-based international clothing chain company, founded in 1994 by Hong Kong businessman David Tang. In 1998, Richemont acquired David Tang's controlling stake in the business. 

In 1998, Richemont acquired David Tang's controlling stake in the business.

The original Shanghai Tang store was on the ground floor of Pedder Building, Central, Hong Kong; this was followed by 24 outlets worldwide, including Bangkok, Beijing, Honolulu, London, Miami, New York, Las Vegas, Madrid, Paris, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Macau. They are often located in well-known areas such as Bangkok's Sukhumvit Road, and Shanghai's Xintiandi.

After 17 years, the 6,300sqft flagship store in Hong Kong's Pedder Building closed in October 2011, with rising rents being cited as the main reason. In the meantime, the company set up several project units to continue its presence in Central, namely “A New Journey as a Nomad of Central,” in a series of Mongolian gers on the roof of Central Pier 1 from 4 November to 31 December 2011. This was followed by “Shanghai Tang Loft” in Pedder Building, upstairs to the old store, from 23 October to 20 February 2012.

In April 2012, the flagship store in Central was opened on Duddell Street, called "Shanghai Tang Mansion". With close to 1,400-square-meter it is Shanghai Tang's largest branch, designed by Shanghai-based design firm Design MVW.

Shanghai Tang supports an international network of boutiques including two mega-flagships:  The Shanghai Tang Mansion on Duddell Street in Hong Kong and the Cathay Mansion in Shanghai.

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