Dog Shoes for your Dogs Fury Feet

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Keep in mind that unlike you, they need four.

When selecting a footwear for your dog please be careful to consider their comfort.  Additionally, keep in mind that this may through off their normal traction.  The pads of a dogs feet have a gripping texture that helps them better cling to surfaces.  You don't want your dog slipping.

Although here at Apparel Search we are typically all about style, please keep in mind your dogs comfort & well being is far more important than appearance.  DON'T put your dog in high heels.

A few hints when shopping for dog shoes.

Why would dogs wear shoes?

Think about all of the things that your puppy can be stepping on when you take him or her for a fabulous walk.  Unfortunately, the ground is not like walking on a cloud.

Just like us, dogs feel the cold and heat, which is why protecting their paws from the elements is so important.

Paws can get irritated for a variety of reasons.  They can get cut, burned, sore, etc.  The outside of the paw is protected by a leathery thick skin with a fatty inner layer that works sort of like a shock absorber.  This does not mean that they are perfect.  Dog boots can give your pet a bit of added protection from the elements.

Are you shopping for a dog bootie?  Try your local pet store.  You can ask the store associates about the type of footwear they would suggest for your friend.

As pet parents, it can be easy to forget sometimes that our furry friend's feet are as sensitive as ours.

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When walking for friend, don't forget to pick up after them when they do their business.  Hopefully they don't step in it while wearing their new shoes.