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SunIf you plan to be out in the sun, make sure to wear UV protection.  You can wear UV protection clothing, lotions, hats, etc.

Alma Society (United Kingdom): Alma Society is a London based swimwear brand that specializes in versatile and sexy long sleeve swimsuits and rashvests crafted from UPF50 fabric. At Alma Society they strongly believe that you don't need to sacrifice health and well-being to express yourself through fashion and style. Alma Society has created a high-end active swimwear line that caters to women with sensitive skin, and to those who are conscious of the harmful effects of sun exposure. They have given the rashvest a feminine makeover!   Contact name: Sonia Martinez Esteoule E-mail:

fashion directory  Coolibar: At Coolibar, they are passionate about their mission because it truly hits home for them. Many of their customers are survivors & patients who share their personal stories with them on a daily basis. For many of them, learning how to “live life outdoors again,” post diagnosis, is often overwhelming. They believe everyone deserves the right to an active, outdoor lifestyle in the sun. So they promise Coolibar clothing and accessories are UPF 50+ for the life of the fabric.

fashion directory  Equatorsun - UV Protection Swimwear: Equatorsun was set-up to enable people to buy excellent quality and extremely well- designed UV protective clothing at affordable prices. To ensure the highest quality they source their swimwear from companies licensed under the ARPANSA (Australian Radiation And Nuclear Safety Agency) UPF certification scheme. ARPANSA is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on the effects of UV radiation. They offer a wide range of UV protective leisure and swimwear from babies through to adults, allowing you to protect yourself and your family from harmful UV rays. The range includes rash shirts, raysuits , swim shorts, board shorts, stinger suits, hats, caps and goggles. The clothes are suitable for a wide range of activities from swimming and surfing to cycling or for beach activities

fashion directory  Solartex Sun Gear, a leader in sun protection products, offers various UV sun protective products including sun protective clothing, sun protection swimwear & sun hats, for babies, children & adults from both C-wear and Sun Emporium. Solartex also has My Pool Pal and Aqua Force kids flotation device swimsuits, swim diapers, & sunglasses.  100 SPF sun protective swimwear, clothing and hats for children and adults.  They also sell flotation swimsuits and swim diapers.  Solartex Sun Gear, Inc. was formed by 2 moms, Lisa and Laurie, to promote child safety products that make life easier for parents. Solartex features cool, comfortable, chemical-free 50+SPF sun-protective swimwear, activewear and hats for children and adults. We also offer the only U.S. Coast Guard approved swimwear personal flotation device (PFD) for kids.  Solartex had its genesis when Lisa, who has a fair-skinned, red-headed son, wondered if she needed something more than ordinary sunscreen to protect him from sunburns and the damaging effects of the sun.

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fashion directory  Sun Emporium: Sun Emporium has been involved in the sun protective clothing industry since 1993 - among the first companies pioneering the concept of sun protection in Asia. Upon returning to Australia in the late 1990's Sun Emporium established an Australian manufacturing base. It was apparent that the need for sun protective clothing was rapidly growing world-wide and that a niche market existed that demanded well-designed and high quality active wear.

 fashion directory  Triple J Sports  JerreJo James, Pres.  Sun Protective Clothing & Accessories.  Sun protective clothing for fun and safety in the great outdoors. They offer only the highest quality UPF and SPF rated products using Solarweave and Dupont's CoolMax fabric for men, women, and children. Protect yourself against harmful UV radiation with their stylish and comfortable shirts, jackets, pants, hats / headgear, and other accessories. Products perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports like, golf, hiking, fishing, boating, sailing, biking, tennis, & swimming. Also for people with skin sensitivity from everything from melanoma, lupus, & other sun related problems. 1-800-JJJ-5142 or 760-340-0549 FX:760-340-0547   e-mail:

fashion directory  UV Skinz: UV Skinz sun protective swimshirts are stylish and carry a UPF rating of 50+, which blocks out over 98% of the sun's harmful rays, protecting delicate skin from damaging sunburns. One sunburn before the age of 15 can increase the risk of developing skin cancer by 78%!! Sunscreen isn't always enough, is often not used correctly and some folks have skin allergies or sensitivities to chemicals that sunscreens can contain. UV Skinz are not made with any chemicals or lotions. The protection is in the tight weave of the fabric. Wearing UV protective clothing, such as their fun, cool UV Skinz sun protective swimshirts, is an important step in preventing sunburns, premature aging of the skin and skin cancer. Other companies call UV shirts rash guards but UV Skinz are swimshirts uniquely designed to keep the average Joe covered, comfortable, cool and fashionable. Most of us don't have washboard abs and UV Skinz are designed with that in mind. Many have been touched by the devastating effects of UV exposure. Their company was founded with the intent to help minimize sun damage while maximizing fun in the sun. The UV Skinz mission is to ensure that every child can own a sun protective swimshirt at an affordable price. Address: 13775-A Mono Way Sonora, CA 95370 PH# (877) 887-5469 FAX# (877) 887-5468 E-mail:  

In addition, we suggest you visit our Hat Retail Store section.  Hats most certainly offer protection from the suns harmful rays.

Although it may not be enjoyable reading, you may wish to read up on the effects of the sun on skin.  Reading about how the sun can effect your skin, may motivate you to fill your wardrobe with sun protective clothing.  By the way, your eyes can also be negatively effected by the sun.  It may be a good idea to wear sunglasses with UV protection.

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