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Stile Associates
181 South Frankliin Ave.
Valley Stream, Ny 11581 Suite 4
Contact Name: Steven Heid
Stile Associates Ltd. has provided Customs Brokerage, Freight
Forwarding and Logistics to our valued clients for over 37 years. At Stile Associates, our commitment and dedication is our most valuable asset. Our courteous and experienced service teams always address the needs of our clients in a professional and expeditious manner. The Stile Associates Shipment Tracking Technology system facilitates timely and accurate status reporting using the internet. Great service, advanced technology and well-respected experience make Stile Associates an industry leader.
  1. As a full service Customhouse Broker, Stile performs a broad range of functions essential for the timely entry and release of imported goods. We boast a sizable roster of licensed customs brokers at our Atlantic and Pacific port offices; these staff members are certified professionals who personally see to it that all your customs-related needs are met in the proper manner.

  2. Another signature feature of our brokerage service is our ability to obtain advance clearance of your import shipments while they are still en route to the U.S. You can also turn to us for project planning, and for preparing and monitoring applications for duty drawback.

  3. Of growing importance to you as an importer is Stile's regulatory expertise This knowledge is valuable in shouldering the increased burden imposed by U.S. Customs, which now requires you to keep detailed records of all import transactions.

Automated Communications.
Stile provides computerized entry of imported goods through electronic data entry systems that are fully compatible with U.S. Customs' Automated Broker Interface (ABI) and Automated Manifest Systems (AMS) programs.

Our EDI capability enables us to:

  • Maintain computerized interface directly with clients

  • Speed delivery of goods

  • Untangle complex paperwork

  • Provide online status reports

  • Initiate and receive responses to quota queries

  • Establish transaction libraries

  • Develop tracing procedures

  • Issue customized shipping reports for each client

Bonded and Non-Bonded Warehousing
Stile's warehousing facilities are approved for the bonded storage of goods slated for Customs release or clearance, or awaiting pickup by the importer. Our non-bonded warehousing services support logistics programs that call for repacking, distribution or pick-and-pack operations. And we run a specialized warehouse for fashion apparel shipped in flatpaks, in boxes or on hangers.

Multi-Port Presence
Stile has facilities in New York, Newark, Miami, Los Angeles and San Diego. At each port location, we offer complete transportation services, including:

  • Special pickups on both scheduled and non-scheduled basis

  • Import cartage

  • Airport, pier and long-haul trucking. We also coordinate with motor carriers operating refrigerated, low-boy, earth-moving, air-ride and other specialized equipment.


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