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The world of fashion is enormous.  Sometimes a little fashion summary can be advantageous.

In order to know the meaning of "unfiltered" it may be a good idea to first understand the meaning of "filtered".  A filter is a device to remove unwanted material.  Filtering is a process to assess items or thoughts in order to reject those that are unwanted. Unfiltered means not having been filtered.

Fashion and the expression of style can be filtered or unfiltered.  The styles we choose to wear can be subdued (soft and restrained) or overpowering with color & extravagance.  Fashion unfiltered, is "not" filtering out certain elements of style.  We often filter out some aspects of what we would like to wear for the fear of what "other" people may think of our outfits.  Don't filter out clothing that "you" enjoy.  Wear what you want to wear.  Take off the filters that restrain.  Or, maybe those filters are actually good for us.  Filters may be helpful and keep us in check.

In regard to thoughts, the human mind will filter out some of the none sense before we put our thoughts into words and express them to the world.  The words that a person choses to speak can inspire, hurt, heal, etc.  The words we use to describe fashion has a similar power. A fashion brand can be touched in a positive way by supportive words from a fashion influencer.  Before we issue a product review should our minds be filtered or unfiltered? 

Is speaking about fashion in an unfiltered voice always the best option?

Let's use the following example to decide.  If your best friend is planning to wear an absolutely "ugly" sweater today but they believe it to be a gorgeous sweater, do you share your opinion with them?  The question is, do you knowingly hurt their feelings, or do you protect them from walking out into the world as a mess?  If you speak the truth, it is fashion unfiltered.

Fashion unfiltered is the process of speaking the truth about style, clothing, footwear, etc.  It is designers willing to "create" the way they want.  It is about finding your own sense of style and not worry about what others think.  It is about following your heart when it comes to any aspect of fashion & style.

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