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Donating clothing to charity is certainly a good idea.  However, how do we know that the clothing gets in the hands of people that actually are in need?  To be honest, not sure.  Possibly we should visit a homeless shelter and donate directly to the people that are homeless rather than drop off at a thrift shop.

The donation of clothes, footwear & fashion accessories has many benefits.  The obvious benefit is that your donation will hopefully reach a person in need.  A few additional benefits to consider are as follows:

Reduce Clutter - do you have an old pair of pants that you have not worn in three years?  But yet you are concerned that your closet is too small.  It is time to set yourself free of clutter.  Get rid of clothing that you don't wear.

Save the Planet - rather than produce new clothing which comes at a cost to the environment, we should better utilize used clothing.  Recycle or donate your previously worn clothes.

Generosity Feels Good - help yourself by helping others.  Don't be selfish, be generous.

Teach Others - it is not bragging if you inform your family and friends that you have made a contribution.  Hopefully you will be leading by example and start a chain reaction of donations.

Helping Others - as indicated already, your donation of apparel can help others.  This is glorious.

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Important Apparel Search Tip: Please wash the clothing before you donate.  The concept of doing good does require some work & common sense.  Before you drop off clothes to your local charity, be sure it is clean & decent quality.  They don't need dirty or damaged apparel or footwear.

Here are a few questions regarding the donation of clothing to thrift stores & clothing drop off bins:

What percentage of clothing donated reaches the homeless or other people in need?

Why do thrift shops sell clothing instead of keeping the store free?

Do you have old clothes to donate?

Check out your local church, temple, synagogue, and other houses of worship.   They may have suggestions in regard to local charities for you to contact.  Visit local shelters & search the internet for charitable organizations.

Find a donation center or clothing drop off bin.

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Habitat for Humanity

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