Tracking Packages Refund Program
You can get a refund from Federal Express or UPS if they deliver your package late ...

The Tracking Packages Refund Program is currently offline (no longer available).  The company that we previously utilized to help our viewers obtain refunds for late shipments is no longer in operation.

Tracking Packages

Below you can find information on the services previously provided for historical reference only.

Tracking Packages Refund Program Questions

Apparel Search has formed an alliance with Wolfpack Tracking to provide the Apparel & Textile Industry a technology based method to gain refunds on late shipments.  Wolfpack Tracking specializes in tracking every one of their customer's UPS or Fed Ex shipments and collecting refunds for each late package.  (All of your Ground Packages, business to business are guaranteed to arrive on time, or you get a full refund!)  They are all automated, so there is no "Hand Tracking".   What could take you hours, takes them seconds. 

Have you ever stopped to wonder if the parcel you sent to your buyer actually arrived on time?  Obviously, you are too busy to check every shipment.  Fortunately, we have found an easy way to gain the refunds with out spending your day on the phone with the shipping company.  The trick is to let our system track the shipments as well as make the tedious phone calls to the shipping company. 

Your Carrier Owes You Money....  We Help You Collect

If you wish to gain your refunds for late parcels with out the hassle, you can fill out the form below to learn more about the program. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How soon will I be registered to receive my refunds?

Answer: As soon as 1 hour after we receive your shipping manifest. We simply input your information and allow our software to start tracking your shipments.

Question: When will I receive my service refund?

Answer: When a package arrives late, we gather all the necessary information and notify the carrier. Your next shipping bill will reflect the shipping refund.  It will show up as a negative number next to the Service Refund line on the top copy of your UPS bill.  We invoice off of that line.

Question: How do I send you my manifest?

Answer: Just call us and we
ll send you one of our software programs along with simple download instructions.  Once the disc is installed onto your UPS computer, the information we need to track will be sent to us automatically everyday.

Question: How many of my packages arrive late?

Answer: Typically, if you use UPS, Fedx, or Fedx Ground, 3% to 8% of packages shipped arrive late. Depending on the type of service you use, that figure can climb as high as 30%.

Question: Can you track overseas shipments?

Answer: Yes, although due to inspection delays and other international policies, refunds are less frequent.

Question: I use many package carriers. Can you track them all?

Answer: Yes, we will track most package carriers, and if we can get a refund, we
ll do it. 

Package tracking and refund collection is simple with this new technology.   The computer system does the parcel tracing and our office can make the phone calls.  It makes sense to collect your refunds...

Contact:  Kirsten Bowman:  Sales Manager  

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