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Komar Distribution Services

Reinvent the way you run and build your business.

A great product cannot succeed in today's market place without the right infrastructure and expertise behind it.  Komar Distribution Services provides companies with advanced distribution and back office solutions to improve operational efficiency and increase their focus on sales, marketing and the bottom line. Komar's superior technology quickly and cost effectively brings high end functionality to your business.  

Komar Distribution Services comprehensive approach creates a seamless, fully integrated infrastructure right from the start.  A wide range of specialized services can reinvent the way you run and build your business.

Komar Distribution Services goes beyond a generic, off-the-shelf approach when it comes to improving your business.  Parent company, Charles Komar & Sons, Inc. has over 95 years of experience in distribution and servicing high profile national merchants. Among its many industry awards, Komar has been named Manufacturer of the Year by the American Apparel and Footwear Association and Supplier of the Year by JC Penney and Wal-Mart.

Learn how our technology and expert solutions will benefit your business.

Information Systems And Reporting 

From our wide experience with many diverse product lines and retailers, we've developed valuable and effective accounting, analysis and forecasting systems with exceptional reporting mandatory for success.  Komar Distribution Services has invested hard work, ingenuity, and capital to provide clients with more than just generic or off-the-shelf solutions for the growth of their business.  Unique 24/7 internet report access is exceptionally transparent making it unbelievably easy to get the answers you need immediately.  Customizable, downloaded reports are automatically stored on your PC for archiving, forwarding or printing.   Reporting, software and systems development provides our clients with exciting and highly advanced tools to accelerate their business including:

Flash Sales Reporting and History

Style Master Management

Report Dashboard

Reserve and Bulk Order Management

Inventory Forecasting

Management Operating Reports

Supply Chain Tracing and Tracking

Sales and Gross Margin Analysis

Chargeback and Deduction Analysis

Real Time Inventory Tracking

 Accounting Services

Critical to the success of your business is the ability to invoice and collect receivables on a timely and accurate basis. An advanced chargeback management system compartmentalizes deductions for efficient research and recovery.  Clients benefit from knowing exactly how and why a deduction occurs. Komar Distribution Services provides a comprehensive array of accounting and billing services, as a tightly integrated step of the order/sales cycle.

Open Account Invoicing
EDI Invoicing
Accounts Receivable Management

Credit Card Processing
            General Ledger Integration

Deduction Research and Management

            Accounts Payable

 EDI Services

Komar takes the headache out of the seemingly endless expense and complexity of Electronic Data Interchange mapping and compliance.  Komar partners and interchanges electronic data with nearly every major retailer.  Komar Distribution Services is a charter member of the Vendor Compliance Federation, an organization of leading retailers and suppliers dedicated to reducing supply chain costs and complexity.  Clients benefit from knowing their EDI transactions are low cost, accurate, safe, secure, and reliable.

Excellent Retailer EDI scorecard ranking                                      

            AS2 Connectivity

            RFID Ready

VAN Catalog Support and Maintenance


As with our advanced EDI order processing systems, all aspects of shipping, receiving, returns and inventory control are managed via on-line systems that are fully integrated with customer service, accounting and analysis reporting systems. Clients benefit from extensive inventory reporting.  Improved inventory turn is often realized. Customers receive accurate and timely responses to shipment status, ETA's and fill rates. 

Auto 852 Bulk Order Reduction and Reconciliation

Wireless Stock Control

Daily Cycle Counts

Dynamic Stock Put-a-way

Rule Driven Store Spread Allocation

Transportation Services                                          

Your products need to move quickly and efficiently to meet demand.  Komar Distribution Services advantageous economy of scale often means substantial client savings in ocean, air and domestic freight. The Komar logistics team expertly manages product movement throughout the entire supply chain. Your benefit is improved supply chain accuracy and reliability and at a lower cost.

Strategic Logistic Partnerships

Optimal Location

Advanced Supply Chain Management

Their Clients

 Komar Distribution Services utilizes leading edge technologies and proven business processes to ensure that your customers receive their orders quickly and accurately.

Their Clients recognize the need for well developed systems in critical areas such as reporting, supply chain management, distribution, replenishment, stock control and customer service in order to be successful.

It's clear. Working with Komar Distribution Services can improve the way you do business. While we're busy handling the details of fulfillment, you're busy developing new ideas, product lines, and marketing plans. Our services are based on performance, and with a track record as ours, companies trust us with their most important needs.


 16 East 34th Street, NY, NY 10016  (212) 725-1500

Company name: Komar Distribution Services, Inc.

Address: PO Box 1227 McAlester, OK  74502

Phone: 918-423-3535

Fax: 918-426-1022

e-mail: tbledsoe@komar-okla.com

Contact Name: Tom Bledsoe

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