Apparel Industry Site Ring

Guess what?  Site rings are not much of thing anymore... 

In the early days of the internet they were sort of interesting, but not sure they really exist anymore.

In summary, our previously utilized site ring was a method of linking various websites.  Fashion companies were able to add links to their websites from the site ring so that other people can find them.  Basically, after companies joined, they could be found by others searching thru the site ring.

A ring is a circular band for holding, connecting, hanging, pulling, packing, or sealing.  By using the site ring, viewers could go round and round to search various clothing businesses.

We have CLOSED this site ring.  This page is now for historical reference only. 

This site ring was only for Apparel & Textile Industry web sites.  

Below is what the entry point to the site ring looked like.

Web Ring

If your site is not relevant to the world of Fashion and Clothing, please do not use this ring.  If you view a site that is not relevant to the Apparel & Textile industry, please let us know and we will have the site removed. 

If you are not looking for our web ring, you may actually be looking for webbing for apparel manufacturing.

If you are looking for actual jewelry such as rings, you can visit our jewelry section.

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