If you are traveling to the East Coast of the United States and you have the shopper's itch, New York City is the place for you.  Although Manhattan is technically one city, it can feel like you have traveled to many cities all in one day.

New York City has a shopping neighborhood for every taste and temperament.  For those of you that are pressed for time,  and want to get the most out of the city's offerings, here are the five areas of the city you surely don't want to miss

  • Upper East Side

  • Soho

  • Nolita - Nolita, sometimes written as NoLIta, and deriving from "NOrth of Little ITAly" is a neighborhood in the borough of Manhattan in New York City. Nolita is bounded on the north by Houston Street, on the east by the Bowery, on the south roughly by Broome Street, and on the west by Lafayette Street. It lies east of SoHo, south of NoHo, west of the Lower East Side, and north of Little Italy and Chinatown.

  • West Village

  • Williamsburg

The Flat Iron, Mid-town, Times Square, and the Upper West Side should also receive a bit of consideration.  However, in these sections of the city, we suggest you figure out exactly which store you wish to visit before heading out.  Actually, regardless if the section of the city you wish to browse, it may be a good idea to map out your trip before heading into the crowds.  Clothing stores in midtown NYC are among the most popular tourist destinations in NYC (therefore, the streets and stores are often most crowded).  If you plan to venture into midtown, you should certainly stop into Macy's Herald Square.  If not for the actual fashion, you should at least check out the massive store.  The sign claims that it is the largest store in the world.  So, if you want to browse the largest clothing store in the world, set aside a little time in your busy schedule.  If you are traveling during the holiday's make sure to give yourself some extra time, because Macy's will most definitely be crowded.

If you are looking to skip the nonsense and find the most popular clothing stores in New York City, you may have to do a bit of research.  Just like beauty, sense of style is in the eye of the beholder. Fashion boutiques that we at Apparel Search think are the best may not be your cup of tea.  For example, you may be like punk fashion, and we may enjoy shopping Barney's for evening gowns.  Don't miss out on all the fine clothing stores New York City has to offer.  You can utilize the following “best of" lists to browse a wide assortment of retail choices.

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If you find additional best clothing store lists for NYC, please let us know and we will add them here to make it easier for other people to locate the best shopping destinations.  If you find that a particular store peaks your interest, you can share that information as well.  We can possibly list your favorites along with your explanation as to why they deserve to be considered the best.