Working the Work Scene Office parties have crippled many a career. Here are basic rules to survive and thrive at any professional, social event Posted 4/27/07

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  • Do conduct yourself professionally at all times. Act as though your behavior is being observed every minute (because it probably is).

  • Do spend at least 30 minutes at the party for appearances and don't be the last to leave.

  • Do ask whether the attire is formal or casual. This is still a business function; so conservative clothes are a good choice.

  • Don't flirt or participate in any other inappropriate or illegal behavior.

  • Don't monopolize conversations or spend all evening talking business, complaining, bragging, gossiping, correcting, whining, ridiculing, participating in controversial subject (politics or religion) or telling off-color jokes.

  • Don't over drink or overeat.

  • Do take the time to network. Bring business cards, and be sure to keep one hand free during the night so that you can offer strong handshakes to people as you meet them. A holiday party is a great event to build or strengthen business relationships!

  • Do ask if spouses or significant others are invited.

  • Do be gracious and thank coworkers and team members for all their help and hard work during the past year and thank the person responsible for the planning and coordinating of the event.

  • Do pose for pictures early in the evening. Don't let them shoot you with a mouth full or food or a lampshade on your head.

Fashion companies throw a lot of "events". But it's still business. So make sure you're being professional at parties.

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