You're creative, not a number cruncher. So here it is...the lowdown on handling salary negotiations?   Apparel Industry Employment Article Posted 4/29/07

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It all begins with determining your desired salary range. Start by researching typical salaries for someone with similar experience in your industry. The bottom of your salary range should be the minimum you must make, with the top being a bit higher than your ideal. Consider what you need in order to cover your expenses. It helps to know, more or less, what the employer intends on paying. When asked for a salary requirement, give them a number that is in the high end of what you're looking for. If asked why you're looking for that amount, remind them of your skills and experience as they relate to the position. It's never because you have expenses! Consider the offer in its entirety (salary + benefits, vacation time, stock options, etc.) keeping in mind, everything is negotiable, but you must negotiate everything up front.


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