Interview Attire : What to wear on a fashion job interview
Fashion Industry Employment Article Posted May 2010

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We're all familiar with interview etiquette, which includes everything from not arriving too early to what to wear when dressing to impress. Many of the traditional guidelines for interviewing in the banking or business sectors don't apply to creative industries such as fashion. After all, dressing is a form of self-expression that does reflect your own creativity.

Apparel Search redefines the interview ensemble guidelines, adapting and updating them for the fashion industry. According to, if you are interviewing for a non-design/art related position (accounting, sales or production) then a conservative look is appropriate. Casual dressing is also appropriate, but be sure to appear well-groomed and, of course, coordinated.

If you are interviewing for a creative role, being fashionable is key. First, tailor your look to the brand that you are interviewing for. If you are interviewing for a young edgy brand (for example, Steve Madden), you should reflect a young, edgy style. If the brand represents a classic style, your interview style should follow suit. It's not unheard of to wear jeans when interviewing at a denim company.

For apparel designers/graphic designers, fashion-forward attire is acceptable for interviewing. The only traditional
interview rule
that applies to the fashion industry is: Do not show too much skin, so, no cleavage, micro-minis, or short-shorts.

Just remember the biggest factor in choosing what to wear is what company or designer you are interviewing with and what position you are applying for. Other tips from include:

Don't be afraid to show off your personality, but keep your look chic and classy.

If your interview is with a fashion house, know their style aesthetic and attempt to show them that you fit with their brand. Don't wear their label from head to toe, but take note of what the designer's style is and attempt to show them that you understand it.

If you're interviewing with a fashion magazine, you should go trendier than normal to show that you understand current fashion. Don't be over-the-top. You still need to look professional. Even though it might be a dream job, it's still a job. Remember that when you're getting dressed for it.

Written for Apparel Search by Regina Cooper.



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