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Westex. is an American international company with over a half century of experience producing flame resistant fabrics.  Their strong commitment to innovative research and development has lead to breakthrough products such as INDURA®, which has given the end user a choice to wear a cool, comfortable cotton garment while still retaining the necessary characteristic of flame resistance that is guaranteed for the life of the garment.

INDURA® Ultra Soft® fabrics were introduced as a major advancement in protective fabric technology. A new generation of INDURA®, INDURA Ultra Soft® is an abrasion and flame resistant material designed to substantially increase garment wear life while providing an exceptionally soft feel with the breathable comfort of cotton.  Like their original INDURA® the flame resistance that is guaranteed for the life of the garment and it offers excellent protection against electric arc, flash fire and molten ferrous metal exposures.

Millions of garments from the INDURA® product line are being worn throughout the world today in the electric utility, oil, gas, military, petrochemical and metals industries. INDURA® is a proven product in today's marketplace.

Address: 2845 W. 48th Place Chicago, IL 60632 Phone: (866) 493-7839 Fax: 773-523-0965 Email: [email protected] 

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