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Unifi Inc.
Stock: UFI   Chart
 September 2007 Description:
Founded in 1971, Unifi is one of the world's largest producers and processors of textured polyester and nylon yarn found in apparel, home furnishings, automotive fabrics, upholstery and legwear. Since then, Unifi has grown well beyond its North Carolina roots, with Unifi-owned or operated manufacturing facilities producing world-class yarn in seven countries on four continents. As their global footprint grows, so does their focus; their knowledge of worldwide markets serve as the catalyst for consumer-driven product innovation. Collaborative development partnerships with the world's leading brands and retailers, coupled with initiatives spanning the global supply chain, shorten the development-to-market timeline (enhancing new product success) and creating unique competitive advantages for their customers.  Unifi's longstanding reputation for manufacturing excellence relies upon our ability to consistently supply innovative, high-quality polyester and nylon textured yarns and related raw materials worldwide. Unifi offers solution dyed textured yarns, package dyed textured and spun yarns, covering of elastomeric and other yarns, conventional warp draw beaming, and yarn twisting.

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