Perlite for stonewashing fabrics
Stonewashing and Finishing with Perlite

Schundler Company   (USA / Canada):  The Schundler Company is the oldest and largest producer of perlite and vermiculite on the east coast of the United States.  In 1951, the Coralux Perlite Corporation was founded by Otto Schundler---one of Fritz's nephews and a leader and innovator in the American perlite and vermiculite business for 27 years. At the time the company's primary market for these two expanded minerals was as an aggregate in lightweight-fireproof plaster and in insulating concrete used on roof decks. In 1972, the Coralux Perlite Corporation changed its name to The Schundler Company .  On April 1, 2005, all the shares of The Schundler Company were sold to Normiska, USA. The Normiska Corporation of Canada eventually will acquire Normiska USA.

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