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A fashion stylist is an ideal career choice for someone who has a flair for style. Fashion stylists typically shop the fashion industry or "market" in search of the ideal wardrobe options and accessories for a particular magazine, film, commercial, or music video photo shoot. The job entails selecting the appropriate wardrobe for models, actresses, and other celebrities.

Styles and personalities certainly vary--imagine what different wardrobe options and accessories would be selected for Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts, or Gwen Stefani.

An eye for
trends is certainly a key quality for a fashion stylist. This person should also enjoy shopping and scouting for items as well as returning items.

According to an article in the
Los Angeles Times, stylists may be hired by celebrities, or by an agent to work with clients to prepare them for appearances at events. Advertising agencies, catalog publishers, fashion houses, or public relations firms also hire stylists.

Since stylists are
independent contractors, they need to be able to manage the business aspects of their work. This may include hiring an assistant, paying bills, invoicing clients, handling advances and budgets, and keeping precise records of expenditures, which can be substantial.

Written by Regina March 2009

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