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Consumers of fashion and members of the apparel industry generally do not enjoy typing out long website page addresses.  It is not stylish to have to do all of that typing every time we would like to visit a page.  Fortunately, website developers can use tiny URL services to shorten web page addresses.

Below you will find examples of a long website addresses turned into a shorter page addresses.  This is not done with magic.  This marvelous transition of simplifying lengthy URL's (page addresses) is done with Tiny URL services.

Apparel Industry Stocks -

Fashion Job Search -

  • Find a fashion career at the Fashion Job Search website.

Haute Couture -

Fashion Designers -

Social Networking -

Read About Fashion -

Best Shoes -

Best Handbags -

Best Fashion -

Fashion Consumers -

Fashion News Articles -

Fashion Articles -

Fashion News -

Valuable Resources -

Best Fashion Blogs -

Fashion Services -

Fashion Product Development -

Miscellaneous Fashion -

Fashion Industry -

Fashion Events -

Fashion Social Media -

Fashion & Beauty -

Fashion Lover -

Fashion Guide -

Fashion Guide 2 -

Passion for Fashion -

Fashionistas -

Women's Fashion -

Fashion Network -

Fashion Diva -

Fashion Icon -

Size Specs -

Contemporary Fashion -

Bridge Fashion -

Apparel Glossary -

  • We love apparel. Hopefully you do as well.

Fashion Terms -

  • Thanks to our fashion terminology section, you know know the term "tiny URL".  You are welcome.

Fashion Industry Portal -

Apparel Industry Fashion Blog -

Winter is Coming -

OK, this is enough typing for now.  You should have a full grasp on how to shorten a website address.

Thank you for using the Apparel Search website.

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