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Tiny URL and Small URLs for Fashion Social Media Websites by Apparel Search - Terms of Interest to the Fashion Industry

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What are Tiny URL's?  Basically, the word tiny means small...  The meaning of a URL is basically another name for a website address.

If you are making a URL (website address) smaller, it will help you make better use of character limitations on websites such as Twitter or other social media websites that have limits to the number of letters or numbers you can include in your messages.

Making the URL's smaller allows you to fit more meaningful text in your message and not waste to many characters on the actual website address you include with the message.

Tiny URLs are easier to post on fashion blogs or fashion forums. You can also use them to make email friendly URLs. Simplify links to your website. Hide an affiliate link (fashion affiliate programs). Create personal or unique addresses using a keyword.

  Here is an example of a long website address:

Here is an example of a link to the same page in the form of a small website page address:

Here is another example of the same link from another service:


If you write a fashion blog or have a fashion website and you wish to provide your viewers with information regarding a particular subject, you may want to use one of the shortened urls from below.  You can use these in your blog and the links will take viewers to pages that have infomation regarding the subject in the link address.  For example, if your blog is regarding designer handbags, you can use the shortened link to "designer handbags"

 Here are a few Short URL's you may find helpful (if you enjoy fashion...)