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Soho is basically the area between Houston and Canals Streets, and in the other direction between the Hudson River and Lafayette Street.  If you are taking the subway (possibly less expensive then by cab, you can get off at Broadway-Lafayetter Street or Prince Street.  We suggest you consult a subway map to get on the proper train.

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Looking for true cutting edge fashion?  Where do the New York City trend setters shop?  Well, it is not currently mid town..  We suggest you get yourself down to Soho.  In Soho you will find D&G, Marc Jacobs, Prada, plus numerous amazing fashion designers that you may or may not recognize by name.  The shops are VERY stylish and trendy.

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Eryn brini
will open the doors to its first U.S. store in New York City this August. The line, inspired by the Greek theme of transformation in nature, is comprised of airy, delicate pieces in a neutral palette. Designed to reflect the aesthetic of the collection, the SoHo store incorporates natural elements and the concept of flowing movement.  The primary architectural feature of the space is a series of translucent acrylic
ribs that extend the full length of the store. Each rib is unique in shape, creating an abstract landscape on the wall and ceiling. Facing the ribbed wall is a dark mirror with the Eryn brini logo, which will also showcase print images from the current line.  Natural reclaimed wood accents are used throughout the space, enclosing columns and underscoring the natural, elemental feel of the collection. The cash-wrap and flooring are a soft, natural limestone in a neutral tone that accents the clothing while simultaneously creating a refined space.  
Address: 501 Broadway, New York, NY 10012 Phone 866 780 3796

The Garment Room: Known for its cutting-edge selection of designer vintage clothing and accessories, The Garment Room features some of the most sought-after pieces from late designers Christian Dior, Jeanne Lanvin, Emilio Pucci, Hubert de Givenchy, Yves-Saint Laurent, Bill Blass, Geoffrey Beene, and Coco Chanel as well as several other unmarked and obscure labels accumulated from over a decade of collecting. Grounded on the motto, A Modern Approach to Vintage, each garment is meticulously hand-selected by founder Tiffany Nicole for its impeccable construction and detail, and curated into custom collections to offer our clients cohesive and deliberate pieces that are not only wearable, but relevant. As a result, their clients have come to trust and depend on the aesthetic of their experienced point of view.

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UNIQLO: Did you know you can find a UNIQLO store in Soho, New York...  UNIQLO's SoHo global flagship will be the brand's largest retail store anywhere in the world, featuring unique products and styles that will only be found there and a dynamic, cutting-edge store environment to make the shopping experience personal and fun. To ensure its success UNIQLO has recruited many of the industry's top talents, stars and arbiters of style to design and manage the huge SoHo flagship. Bringing UNIQLO to SoHo is about more than just introducing Japan's favorite clothing brand to the rest of the world it's also an opportunity to express UNIQLO's essence as a unique, distinctly modern Japanese brand. UNIQLO's SoHo global flagship will be the most significant example of Japanese retail culture outside of Japan and a model for the future of UNIQLO's global expansion


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If you enjoy discussing what is hot in Soho, please tell us your thoughts at the Fashion Industry Network.  We would very much like to see your photos from Soho or your fashion reporting on what is cool... (is cool still cool to say.. oops.)

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