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Not exactly a textile fiber, but something used in the textile industry.

Acrylic elastomer is a general term for a type of synthetic rubber.

Acrylates are the salts, esters, and conjugate bases of acrylic acid and its derivatives. They are also known as propenoates (since acrylic acid is also known as 2-propenoic acid).  Acrylates and methacrylates (the salts and esters of methacrylic acid) are common monomers in polymer plastics.  Acrylate polymers belong to a group of polymers which could be referred to generally as plastics. They are noted for their transparency, resistance to breakage, and elasticity. They are also commonly known as acrylics or polyacrylates. Acrylate polymer is commonly used in cosmetics such as nail polish as an adhesive.

  AK-PA Tekstil Group : Turkey. Versatile group of manufacturing companies, active in chemicals, synthetic fibers, yarns, textile fabrics and carpets. Acrylic filament and staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Member of the AKKOK Group.

  Bayer : Germany. Multi-national chemicals and health care corporation. The fibers Business Unit produces acrylic and spandex fibers used in nonwovens and textile applications, as well as monofilament for technical and agricultural purposes.

  Finacril SA : Mexico. Manufacturers of acrylic staple fiber for the textile and nonwovens industries. Also, tow, tops and yarns. Textile fabric from natural and man-made fiber for home furnishing and fashion. Member of the Kaltex Group. English, French and Spanish.

  Pasupati Acrylon, Ltd : India. Manufacturers of acrylic staple fiber and filament for the textiles and nonwovens industries.

  Sterling fibers, Inc : USA. Manufacturers of acrylic staple fiber and filament for fashion, technical textiles and nonwovens. Includes a chemical description of acrylic fiber. Member of the Sterling Chemicals group.

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