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The following companies and institutions may be added as a free service:

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The apparel industry is continuously on the move.  Companies change their names, move to new locations, or go out of business every day.  Unfortunately, it is very challenging for us to keep up with all the changes.  If you wish to assist us with maintaining an accurate database, we can return the favor and provide you with a free link to your companies web site (if your company is directly relevant to apparel, fashion or textiles).

If you find FIVE links on Apparel Search that are not working properly (going to the wrong site, or to a page that no long exists, etc.), we will provide you with a free listing.  You would need to provide us the name of the link that is not working and the page you found it on.  In all honesty, it may be easy to find 5 links that are not working properly.  We have hundreds of thousands of links on the site...

The following is a "possible" method for free listing (not guaranteed free listing):

When you e-mail us, remind us that you fit into the exceptions for free listing.

Sorry, if you already paid for a listing, we don't provide refunds.