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Bast fibre (also called phloem fiber or skin fiber) is plant fibre collected from the phloem (the "inner bark", sometimes called "skin") or bast surrounding the stem of certain dicotyledonous plants. They support the conductive cells of the phloem and provide strength to the stem.  Bast fiber, soft, woody fiber obtained from stems of dicotyledonous plants (flowering plants with net-veined leaves) and used for textiles and cordage. Such fibers, usually characterized by fineness and flexibility, are also known as “soft” fibers, distinguishing them from the coarser, less flexible fibers of the leaf, or “hard,” fiber group.  Often bast fibres have higher tensile strength than other kinds, and are used in high-quality textiles (sometimes in blends with cotton or synthetic fibres), ropes, yarn, paper, composite materials and burlap. Bast and leaf fibers are notoriously difficult to process and weave into cloth, yet weavers around the world have learned to capitalize on the materials' subtle natural beauty and to manipulate complicated and demanding dye procedures to great effect.

Bast Fiber Manufacturers

Bast Core : Bastcore's wet process that transforms coarse raw bast fiber into soft white cotton-like fiber for textile applications. This technology removes the non-cellulosic components, lignin, and sugars, commonly referred to as gums, that bind the cellulosic bast fiber together in the bark of the hemp stalk.

Bast Fibre Technologies Inc. Bast Fibre Technologies Inc is a bast fibre engineering firm based in Canada that develops IP protected enhancements for hemp, flax, and other bast fibres destined for high value consumer product markets. We have created a robust suite of IP and know-how in value added processing. Our proprietary processes allow us to utilize bast fibre feedstock from a variety of sources and produce a homogeneous end product.

Canadian Greenfield :  their HempTrain™ advanced hemp decortication technology, operating on the principle of high kinematics, is capable of producing clean, long, structurally intact bast fiber. HempTrain™ efficiently separates bast fiber from hurd in a processing technique that does not damage the fiber strings (bundles), keeping the fiber long, structurally intact retaining high tensile strength.

Natural Textile Solutions: Natural Textiles Solutions produces custom engineered fiber-based products and services. Their value commitment to our Customers is to conceive, develop and deliver these items problem-free and on time. They work with a wide range of natural fiber products including processed bast fibers, engineered yarns, agricultural fabrics and home textiles.

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