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Welcome to the hemp fiber directory section of the Apparel Search website.  In this section, you will find educational information and links to resources relevant to hemp fibers.  If you work in the apparel industry or simply have an interest in hemp textiles, this is the area for you.  If you do not find enough information in this section of our hemp fibers guide, you may wish to check the textile section or go back to the fiber directory main page for additional textile fiber choices. 

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fashion directory  Australian Hemp Resources and Manufacture: on-line collection of articles on the properties and uses of hemp fiber in industrial applications.

fashion directory  Fibre Hemp. Potentials and Constraints: from the Canadian Department of Agriculture. Extensive article on the history, production, characteristics and applications of hemp fiber.

fashion directory  Fornits' Industrial Hemp Archive:  information on hemp fiber and products, on-line book ordering, media articles and history.

fashion directory  The Hemp Archives: from Dr. Dave West. Large library of articles on the history and uses of hemp fiber in American industrial processes.

fashion directory  Hempology: searchable database of articles and images concerning the history, cultivation, growing, development, products and uses of industrial hemp fiber.

fashion directory  Global Hemp: information resource for hemp growers, processors and users. Searchable database of categorised directories of educational, research and business sites.  Links to events, investor information and legislation, media articles and news.

fashion directory  Hemp Cyber Farm: (USA) Informational and commercial web site of Hemp World, Inc. Promotion of hemp farming and use of its fibers in industrial processes. Scientific and environmental studies and reports, descriptions of the various qualities of fiber. Market place for seed, fiber and products.

fashion directory  Hemptown Clothing Inc.: Hemptown Clothing is North America's largest hemp t-shirt manufacturer, based in Vancouver BC.  They are a triple bottom line company, they care for the environment, and human rights, while generating a profit for their employees and shareholders.  Their primary focus is working within the imprinted sportswear market - offering an eco-alternative to the millions of conventional cotton t-shirts sold every year. Growing the cotton for each conventional cotton t-shirt requires 1/3lb of chemical pesticides. Hemptown manufactures eco-friendly garments made from a blend of 55%/45% hemp/cotton. Hemp grows vigorously, and generally doesn't require these chemicals, so their Hemptown blend reduces pollution by over 50%. The addition of hemp also makes the garments 4 times stronger and more durable, yet softer and more comfortable than cotton, plus hemp is naturally UV and mildew resistant.  In addition, Hemp grows in cooler climates, and has significantly reduced water requirements than cotton. Overall, Hemptown blended shirts use less resources, are superior in quality, and are reasonably priced. Contact: Nina Schaffert  E-mail: nina@hemptown.com  Toll free # 866 HEMPTOWN Phone 604 255 5005

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