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  Baby Diner: t-shirts and sweatshirts designed by a breastfeeding mother allow access for discreet nursing.

  Bravado! Designs, Inc.: nursing and maternity bras.

  Chia: offers breastfeeding friendly t-shirts, sweaters, and dresses.

  Hot Mamas: clothing for breastfeeding mothers living in warm climates.

  Magic Wardrobe Inc.: handcrafted knitwear for babies, children, and nursing mothers.

  Milk and Love: Milk and Love specializes in stylish breastfeeding tops and dresses and gorgeous maternity wear. Their range features natural fabrics such as Bamboo and Organic Cotton to ensure the comfort of you and your new baby.  Their breastfeeding clothes are all designed by a breastfeeding mum who creates easy and discrete nursing access in all of her clothes, as well as flattering styles for post partum figures.  You can also find a range of useful breastfeeding information by their Lactation Consultant, Katie James. Address: PO Box 1707, Milton, QLD Phone: 07 3160 9418 E-mail: Contact name: Corryn

  Mother And Me: breastfeeding information, clothing, and products for expecting mothers.

  Mother's Best: breastfeeding clothing, nursingbras, and breastpumps by Medela, Avent, and Nurture III.

  One Hot Mama: nursing and maternity clothes, plus breastfeeding advice, support, and discussion.

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