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It is rather simple to describe a tap shoe.  This type of footwear is a shoe with a specially hardened sole or attached metal plates at toe and heel to make a tapping sound during the process of tap dancing.

Their are primarily three different types of tap shoes available: tele tone, duotone and supertone.

The shoes are normally made of leather or a similar material and have metal plates fitted to the areas of the sole beneath the ball of the foot and the heel. Each step, therefore, makes a tap against the floor, hence the name of the shoes.

Flat tap shoes are made in the same oxford style for women and men, and many dancers feel that the shoe looks best when paired with pants or jeans. And flats have larger metal taps than heels, so the sound produced is a deeper, heavier bass tone.

Popular styles include the Mary Jane version.  The Mary Jane style tap shoes with the classic ribbon on top are the most popular for the beginners.

Women's Tap Shoes

The Capezio is a popular tap dance shoe brand.

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As the tap dancer moves, the plates click against the dance floor, creating a characteristic tapping sound. A lovely sound indeed.

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