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Women's shoes are important to the fashion industry.  footwear is also important when walking...

What are shoes?

What can we possibly say about women's shoes that an experienced fashionista does not already know?  Women's shoes are considered by some as fashion accessories, and by others they are considered as simply foot covering.  However, for many women shoes are much more.  For some, shoes are their one true love...

Learn about fabulous shoe trends.

In this section you will find several categories of women's footwear.  You can search athletic shoes, dress shoes, boots, casual shoes, sneakers, sandals, oxfords, loafers, pumps, clogs, etc.  If you are looking to learn more about women's shoes, this is a great place to begin your education.

Women's Athletic Shoes

Women's Boots

Women's Casual Shoes

Women's Dress Shoes

Women's Sandals

Women's Trend Shoes

women's shoesWhere can women shop for shoes?

Women or men can shop for women's shoes either online or at a retail store location.  You can find a list of women's shoe stores at the women's shoe store section here on Apparel Search. 

You should probably check the shoe departments at stores such as Nordstrom, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Barney's New York, Lord & Taylor, etc. If you have a particular style in mind, you can narrow your search by shopping at women's athletic shoe retailers or women's high heal shoe stores.

What are the best women's shoe brands?

Well, that question is rather subjective.  Who am I to determine the best brands?  When you think of the "best" are you thinking in terms of best price, most popular, best in the United States, Best in Italy, or possibly the footwear brand with the highest international sales volume.  Anyway, I am not going to claim to know the absolute best shoe brand for women.  You can do your own research in the women's fashion brands section here on Apparel Search.  OK, here are a few hints...  You may want to investigate Armani, Jimmy Choo, Burberry, Valentino, Nike, Yves Saint Laurent, Adidas, Tory Burch, Vans, Merrell, Dolce & Gabbana, New Balance, Timberland, Converse, Puma, Rockport, Dr. Martens, etc.

Shopping tips for buying women's shoes.

When selecting footwear check more then just the length size.  Regardless if you are a size 3 or a size 9 1/2, you should also check the width of the shoe for that perfect match to your foot. Ladies footwear widths typically come in widths such as 3E, 4A, 4E, A, AA, AAA, B, C, D, E, and EE.

Be careful when shopping in Europe or the United States (or other countries).  You will find the labeling of sizing differs.  If you have large feet, you may want to try the wide women's shoe retailers.

When shopping, you will need to try and focus on a particular category (unless you have plenty of money to spend).  Before you hit the stores, determine if you need shoes for work or casual activities.  You may need athletic, boots, casual, dress, sexy, sandals, trend, etc.

For extra savings, search out retailers that supply discount shoes for women.  If you do not wish to shop Wal-mart, JCPenney or Target for low cost footwear, you can also try retailers such as TJ Maxx.

You can also try the shoe shoppers section here on Apparel Search.

A few places to shop:

Women's Shoes at Amazon

Women's Shoes at Zappos

Women's Shoes at Shoes.com

Women's Shoes at Macy's

Women's Shoes at DSW

Women's Shoes at Shoebuy.com

Women's Shoes at Neiman Marcus

Here is a women's footwear guide to help you learn more about ladies shoe styles and categories. 

Athletic Shoes

Adventure Shoes

Baseball Shoes

Basketball Shoes

High Top Basketball Shoes

Low Top Basketball Shoes

Bowling Shoes

Canvas Shoes

Cheerleading Shoes

Classic Shoes

Cleated Shoes

     Baseball Cleats

     Softball Cleats

     Soccer Cleats

     Track Spikes

Fitness footwear

Golf Shoes

Hiking Shoes

Lifestyle Shoes

Running Shoes

Cross Country Running Shoes

Cushioning Running Shoes

Stability Running Shoes

Supportive Running Shoes

Trail Running Shoes

Skate Shoes

     Ice Skates

     Roller Skates

     Skater Shoes

Soccer Shoes

Sports Fan Shoes

Sports Sandals

Tennis Shoes

Track Shoes

Training Shoes

Volleyball Shoes

Walking Shoes

Water Sports Shoes

Casual Shoes

After Sport Shoes

Dress Shoes

Ballet Flats

Bridal Shoes

Business Shoes

Career Shoes


Designer Shoes

Espadrille Shoes

Evening Shoes


Homecoming footwear




Open Toe Shoes

Oxford Shoes

Peep Toe Shoes

Platform Shoes

Pointed Toe Shoes

Prom Shoes


Quarter Strap Shoes

Round Toed Shoes


Slingback Shoes

Slip on Shoes

Special Occasion Shoes

Spectator Shoes

Square Toe Shoes

T-strap Shoes

Vegetarian Shoes

Wedge Shoes

Ballet Flats

Boat Shoes

Canvas Shoes


Comfort Shoes

Corporate Casual Shoes

Designer Shoes

Duty Shoes

Espadrille Shoes





Nurse Shoes


Platform Shoes

Slip On Shoes


Sports Shoes

Trend Shoes

T-Strap Shoes

Walking Shoes

Wedge Shoes

Work Shoes

Woven Shoes


All Terrain Sandals

Comfort Sandals

Designer Sandals

Dress Sandals

Espadrille Sandals

Fisherman Sandals

Flats Sandals

Flip-Flop Sandals

Platform Sandals

Resort Sandals

Slide Sandals

Slingback Sandals

Strappy Sandals

Thong Sandals

Trendy Sandals

Vegetarian Sandals

Wedge Sandals

Trendy Shoes

Trendy Boots

Trendy Casual Shoes

Trendy Dress Shoes

Trendy Sandals


Check out the women's shoe stores and women's shoe wholesalers.

Learn more about shoe stores.

When discussing women's shoes, it is important to understand that their are many types of footwear classifications.  In addition to dress shoes, casual shoes and athletic shoes, the category of women's boots is an important one as well.  Here is some information regarding the women's shoe category of boots:

Women's Boots

Ankle Boots

Casual Boots

Cold Weather Boots

Cowgirl Boots

Designer Boots

Dress Boots

Engineer Boots

Equestrian Boots

Flats Boot

Go-Go Boots

High Heel Boots

Hiking Boots

Insulated Boots

Knee-high Boots

Lace-up Boots

Mid-Calf Boots

Motorcycle Boots

Over The Knee Boots

Platform Boots

Plus Size Boots

Pull On Boots

Rain Boots

Rubber Rain Boots

Snowboarding Boots

Stretch Boots

Suede Boots

Vegetarian Boots

Waterproof Boots

Wide-Calf Boots

Western Boots

Medium Round Toe Western Boots

Pointed Toe Western Boots

Work Boots

Non-safety Work Boots

Safety Work Boots

Yellow Rain Boots

Zip-Up Boots

Learn more from glossaries and definitions:

footwear Definition 
footwear Definition List

Why are women's shoes so important?

Don't ask that question.  Just simply understand that shoes are important to women.  It does not matter the reason, just except the fact.

The female gender can dress for success by wearing oxfords, loafers, or other sorts of ladies dress shoes.  However, if "business" is not your goal, you may wish to become a successful athlete.  If that is the case, you may wish to get your hands on some shoes that help you run faster or jump higher.  It may be a good idea for you to check out a nice pair of women's athletic shoes such as sneakers.  Or possibly, you want to look sexy and throw on some pumps or over the knee boots.  Anyway, the point is that there are many different styles to consider.

 guide to Popular Styles



Women's Adjustable Strap Shoes

Women's Athletic Shoes

Women's Boat Shoes

Women's Boots

Women's Business Shoes

Women's Casual Shoes

Women's Classic Shoes

Women's Comfort Shoes

Women's Deck Shoes

Women's Designer Shoes

Women's Diabetic Shoes

Women's Dress Shoes 

Women's Fashion Shoes

Fitness Shoes

Women's Gym Shoes

Women's Hiking Shoes

Women's Leather Boots

Women's Loafers

Women's Luxury Shoes

Women's Moc Toe Shoes

Women's Nubuck Shoes

Women's Orthotic Shoes

Women's Oxfords

Women's Plain Toe Shoes                

Women's Running Shoes

Women's Sandals

Women's Slip Resistant Shoes

Women's Slip-on Shoes

Women's Slippers

Women's Sneakers

Walking Shoes

Women's Waterproof Boots

Women's Work Boots

Don't forget to do some shopping for women's shoes.

If you own a store and are looking for merchandise, you can check the women's shoes wholesaler section.

If you are tired of learning only about footwear for the ladies, you may be interested in learning about men's shoes or children's shoes for a change of pace.

Are you wearing great shoes ...

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When you are done dressing your fabulous feet, you may want to also learn about Women's Apparel.

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