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According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, "golf shoe are an oxford shoe of waterproof leather with sole spikes or hobnails that is worn especially for golfing."

womens golf shoes

A shoe is an item of footwear intended to protect and comfort the human foot while the wearer is doing various activities.   Many golfers wear special shoes for playing the sport of golf.  The shoes can be spikeless or with spikes attached to the soles. The spikes can be made of metal or plastic (plastic spikes are also known as "soft spikes").  The purpose of the spike design is to increase traction thus helping the player to keep her balance during the swing.  In addition to the the swing, the player also has better traction when walking on greens and other areas of the course.  Certainly helpful when the golf course is wet from rain or watering of the grass.  In an attempt to minimize the severity of spike marks made on greens, many golf courses have banned metal spikes, allowing only plastic spikes during play (consult with your golf course for the rules). Spikes on most golf shoes are replaceable, being attached using one of two common methods: a thread or a twist lock. Two sizes of thread are in common use, called a "large thread" and "small thread". There are two common locking systems: Q-LOK and Tri-LOK (also called "Fast Twist"). The locking systems use a plastic thread which takes only about a half turn to lock.

Look for a secure fit in the golf shoe that will provide sturdy lateral support. A low-profile heel construction keeps the foot closer to the ground for added stability while swinging.

Example of plastic spikes.

women's plastic spike golf shoes

Example of metal spikes.

women's golf shoes metal spikes

We suggest you avoid golfing in go-go boots.  Choose the proper pair of footwear for the next time you visit the golf course.

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