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To understand the meaning of women's apparel, it would be a good idea to first understand the meaning of the word "apparel".  I will assume that you already understand what is meant by the word "women".  In summary, women's apparel means apparel that is worn by women.  Yes, this is a rather simplistic definition.
Alexander Wang Women's Apparel 2014Apparel is synonymous with the words; clothing, fashion, clothes, and garments.  Often footwear will also fall under the umbrella of the term apparel.  In this section, we will guide you to resources that will help you learn more about women's apparel.  This Apparel Search guide to women's apparel will include information regarding the womenswear industry, how to produce women's clothing, where to find women's fashion news, as well as inform you regarding places to shop for women's clothing.
Stores Selling Women's Apparel : this section of the Apparel Search site contains links to various women's apparel retailers.  This will include brick and mortar women's apparel stores as well as online clothing stores.  If you can not find enough retail choices in this section, you can also try the Apparel Retailer website and use the search engine from that site for additional options.
Apparel Search Guide to Women's Clothes : As you are now aware, clothing is part of the apparel category.  In the women's clothes guide section, we categories various silhouettes of clothes.  For example, you can  women's pants, women's shoes, women's t-shirts, etc.  The guide will provide news, photos, websites and more regarding each category.  This is a great way to learn more about clothes for women.
Clothing Factories Producing Women's Apparel : if you a member of the apparel industry, you may need to find a factory that produces womenswear.  In this section, you will find factories that produce women's shirts, women's outerwear, women's sweaters, women's hats, etc. 
Wholesalers Distributing Women's Apparel : in this section of the Apparel Search site you will find access to various women's apparel wholesalers.  The wholesalers are companies that purchase from apparel factories and then sell to the clothing stores. 
Shopping Guide For Women's Apparel : If you are looking to purchase clothing, you can either buy from a traditional clothing store or you can buy apparel online.  From this particular shopping guide, you will find online apparel stores for your shopping pleasure.  Many of the companies listed in this section have actual store fronts as well.  If you prefer to try the garments on for size, head to the stores.  If you know what you want, you can simply purchase with a click of the mouse.  Either way is fine.  If you are interested, we also have a plus size apparel section.
Women's Shoe Stores : if you are looking for footwear to accessorize your outfit, you can buy women's shoes at a shoe store or online.  This section will provide you links to various women's shoe stores.  If you wish, you are welcome to view a few of our favorite shoe stores.
Women's Apparel Buyers : if you work in the fashion industry for a clothing manufacturer or wholesaler, you understand that one of the biggest challenges is finding buyers.  Designing product is one thing, but selling it is an entirely different story.  One way that the industry tracks down buyers is to utilize a saleswomen's buyer guide.  From the women's apparel buyers section, you will find access to various resources that provide women's apparel buyer contact details.
Women's Apparel Books: reading is always a good idea.  The worse case scenario, you may actually learn something.
Women's Apparel at Auction : one should never under estimate the power of an auction.  The auction method is a tool for both buyers and for sellers.
Women's Apparel News : fashion trends move very quickly.  If you wish to stay up to date on the latest fashion news regarding women's fashion, you should most definitely visit the women's apparel news section.  It is important to know what is going on in the world of fashion.  If you can not be out in the market checking on the latest activities, grab yourself a seat and browse the news papers (online or offline).

Women's Apparel Brands : the women's fashion brand directory, you will find women's apparel brands from leading clothing companies and fashion designers.  When browsing the directory, you will find some of the most stylish clothing and hottest fashion labels in the world of womenswear.

Thank you for viewing our women's apparel section.  If you can think of ways for us to improve this section, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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