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Welcome to the worlds greatest guide to Women's Slippers.  Are you actually looking for Women's Slippers?  Well, we hope you are because the reality is that you have found our Women's Slippers page.  In this women's clothing section of the Apparel Search directory, you will find all sorts of interesting information regarding Women's Slippers. 

Slippers are light footwear that are easy to put on and off and are intended to be worn indoors, particularly at home.  Whether you're looking to warm up with winter slippers or you are looking to bring out your inner ballerina, you will find that the retail market has a wide variety of ladies slippers.  Slip into fashionable comfort with a great pair of slippers. Whether you're in search of comfy styles to wear around the house or a fashionable pair to coordinate with your casual wardrobe, you'll love the look and feel of this type of shoe.

Women's slippers come in a wide variety of styles, materials, colors, etc.  The following is a partial list to give an example of some of the various types of slippers in the market:

Open-heel slippers - usually made with a fabric upper layer that encloses the top of the foot and the toes, but leaves the heel open.

Ruby Slippers - the ruby slippers are best worn when you "want to go home".  Learn more about ruby slippers in our fashion influence section.

Closed slippers - slippers with a heel guard that prevents the foot from sliding out.

Slipper boots - slippers meant to look like boots. They are typically furry boots with a fleece or soft lining, and a soft rubber sole. Modeled after sheepskin boots, they may be worn outside.

Sandal slippers - cushioned sandals with soft rubber or fabric soles, similar to Birkenstock's cushioned sandals.

  • Birkenstock Orthop├Ądie GmbH & Co. KG is a shoe manufacturer headquartered in Neustadt (Wied), Germany. The company sells Birkenstocks, a German brand of sandals, and other shoes notable for their contoured cork and rubber footbeds (soles), which conform somewhat to the shape of their wearers' feet.

Evening slipper, also known as the Prince Albert slipper in reference to Albert, Prince Consort. It is made of velvet with leather soles and features a grosgrain bow or the wearer's initials embroidered in gold.

Glass Slippers - Apparel Search does not suggest this type of slipper for most women.  The glass slipper is typically best worn only by a princess.  Cinderella made this type of slipper popular.

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If you are a footwear designer, you may want to visit our slipper factory page to find a manufacturer.

What ever style of footwear you are wearing is in fashion.

If you want to be even more stylish, you should wear your favorite favorite Women's slippers today.

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