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Coir is a coarse fiber extracted from the fibrous outer shell of a coconut.

About Coconut Fiber: Coconut fiber is extracted from the husk of coconuts, which is typically comprised of bristle fiber (10%), mattress fiber (20%) and coir dust and waste (70%). It is the fibrous material pulled out and found between the internal shell and outer coat of a coconut. Coconut fiber makes durable material for string, rope, brushes, doormats, carpets, yarn fishing nets, and mattresses. Another advantage of coconut fiber, aside from it being natural, is its relatively waterproof characteristic and resistance to saltwater damage.


Classic Coir: Classic Coir Factory started functioning in September 1995 and it is one of the largest manufacturers and exporters of coir door mats, rubber mats, Jute rugs etc. It is manufacturing eco-friendly natural fibre products and the factory is located in Alleppey, the home town of Coir.

Kumaran Coir: Coir fibre is extracted from coconut husk. Husk contains 1/3 fibre and 2/3 coir pith. We are extracting coir fibre from various mechanical methods, like combing and beating. The coir fiber is relatively water-proof and is one of the few natural fibers resistant to damage by salt water. There are two varieties of coir. Coconut are grown in more than 93 countries of the world, with a total production of 61 million tonnes as per 2010 year's survey. Coconut trees are very hard to establish in dry climates, and cannot grow there without frequent irrigation; in drought conditions, the new leaves do not open well, and older leaves may become desiccated; fruit also tends to be shed.

Royce Food Corporation: Royce Food Corporation helps minimize waste by turning leftover natural materials, such as coconut fiber and peat, into eco-friendly products. These non-food products are derived from the same high quality coconuts where all the other coconut-based goods they produce come from. They find a deep sense of satisfaction providing healthy food products and knowing that we also supply eco-friendly non-food products from this endeavor.  In the past, the usual practice of farmers after taking the coconut meat out had been to burn the coconut husks. A more eco-friendly approach that Royce Food Corporation has adopted is to process these waste materials in its coconut coir factory.

Sairama Coir Industry: Sairama Coir Industry produces a comprehensive assortment of Coconut Products, made from supreme quality coconut. They offer unbeatable quality of Coir Fiber, Pith and Curled Coir Rope. They are supported by an experienced team and well-equipped manufacturing plant, which has enabled us to stand as one of the leading Curled Coir Rope Manufacturers & Suppliers.

Thuran Coir Mills: At Thuran coir mills, they manufacture Coir Fiber, Curled Coir rope, 2-ply Yarn, Coir Pith & all types Coir Machineries. Strict adherence to the quality parameters has enabled them to become leading manufacturer of premium quality Coir products.

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