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Coir is a coarse fiber extracted from the fibrous outer shell of a coconut.


Comercializadora Montecristo S.A de C.V is a family business established in 1987, with the goal of bringing the products generated on their farm to the international market. Over 900 acres of palm provide them with the material for coconut flakes, coconut bones and the coconut husk from which they extract the natural Coir fiber and Coir Dust. With the acquisition and expansion of their factory designed to extract the coir fiber and the coir dust, they developed their successful product Tierra Para Macetas, a 100% organic potting soil.  This and their other products are sold across Mexico and the US to Nurseries, growers and farmers , and are now available for purchase at many garden stores. Coir Products (Door Mats, Mattings, Runners, Rugs, etc) are made with Coir Fibre extracted from the 'seasoned' husk of coconut and woven on traditional handlooms by the very skilled weavers

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