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In the fashion industry, a customs broker is a professional or a company that specializes in facilitating the customs clearance process for imported and exported clothing and fashion-related goods. Customs brokers play a crucial role in ensuring that clothing items comply with the customs regulations and laws of the importing or exporting country.

Here's what customs brokers do and why they are important in the fashion industry:

1. Import and Export Compliance: Customs brokers are experts in the customs regulations and requirements of different countries. They help fashion companies navigate the complex web of import and export rules, ensuring that clothing items meet all legal requirements.

2. Documentation: Customs brokers assist fashion businesses in preparing and submitting the necessary customs documentation. This includes commercial invoices, packing lists, bills of lading, certificates of origin, and customs declarations. Accurate and complete documentation is essential for a smooth customs clearance process.

3. Tariffs and Duties: Customs brokers calculate the applicable import duties, tariffs, and taxes for clothing items. They help fashion companies understand the cost implications of importing or exporting their products and ensure that all duties are paid correctly.

4. Regulatory Compliance: Fashion products may be subject to various regulatory requirements, such as safety standards, labeling rules, and textile composition regulations. Customs brokers help fashion companies comply with these regulations, ensuring that clothing items meet the necessary quality and safety standards.

5. Communication with Customs Authorities: Customs brokers act as intermediaries between fashion companies and customs authorities. They communicate with customs officials on behalf of their clients, addressing any inquiries or issues that may arise during the customs clearance process.

6. Streamlining the Process: By leveraging their expertise and relationships with customs officials, customs brokers help expedite the customs clearance process. This reduces delays and ensures that clothing items reach their destination in a timely manner.

7. Compliance with Trade Agreements: In cases where fashion companies benefit from preferential trade agreements or free trade agreements, customs brokers help ensure that clothing items qualify for any available trade concessions or reduced tariffs.

8. Cost Efficiency: While customs brokers charge fees for their services, their expertise can lead to cost savings in the long run. They help fashion companies avoid penalties, fines, and delays associated with non-compliance.

9. Handling Specialized Cases: In the fashion industry, certain products, such as exotic animal skins or fur, may have specific customs requirements. Customs brokers have the knowledge and experience to handle such specialized cases.

10. Record Keeping: Customs brokers maintain records of all customs-related documentation, which can be important for audits, compliance checks, and future reference.

Customs brokers are an essential part of the international supply chain for fashion companies. They help fashion businesses navigate the complexities of global trade, ensuring that clothing items can move smoothly across borders while complying with all legal and regulatory requirements. Their expertise and services contribute to the efficient and compliant movement of fashion products in the global marketplace.

Customs Broker Directory for the Apparel Industry

Expeditors International: Expeditors is a global logistics company known for its customs brokerage services, including expertise in apparel and fashion.

Website: Expeditors International

Livingston International: Livingston International offers customs and trade compliance services, including solutions for apparel and textiles.

Website: Livingston International

A.N. Deringer: A.N. Deringer is a customs broker and logistics provider with experience in the apparel and textile industry.

Website: A.N. Deringer

Flexport: Flexport is a modern international freight forwarder that also provides customs brokerage services. They have experience in various industries, including apparel.

Website: Flexport

CH Robinson: CH Robinson is a global logistics provider that offers customs brokerage services for various industries, including apparel and textiles.

Website: CH Robinson

BDP International: BDP International provides customs brokerage and logistics solutions and has experience in handling apparel shipments.

Website: BDP International

Shapiro: Shapiro offers customs brokerage services and specializes in helping companies navigate complex customs regulations, including those related to apparel.

Website: Shapiro

More Customs Brokers Below:

fashion directory  ABC Logistics Group (Pakistan): ABC Logistics Group is a solution provider company for entire range of Logistics Services under one roof. Air Freight, Ocean freight, Customs Brokerage, Supply Chain, Warehousing and Distribution. Their services covering all major cities in Pakistan. Their speciality is Textile traffic ex Pakistan to Europe and North America. They also provide on line Purchase Order Tracking & Management system to overseas buyers. Their subsidiary ANC GLOBAL, provides Services of Buying agent and Quality control / Inspection on behalf of buyers in Pakistan. Address: 16, Afshan Terrace, 394-JM, Bahadur Yar Jang Road Karachi 74800 Pakistan Phone: 92 21 492 7071 Fax: 92 21 491 1986 Email: Contact: Tauha Mir / Director Operation

fashion directory  Agencia Aduanal Grupo Hernandez Garza, S.C.: Mexican customs broker; site in English and Spanish.

fashion directory  Agencia Aduanal Mayer: Mexican customs broker.

fashion directory  Airschott, Inc: ocean freight forwarder, customs broker duty drawback specialist, charter broker and trucker.

fashion directory  Alba Wheels Up International, Inc.: Alba Wheels Up International is a fifty three (53) year old Customhouse Broker, International Freight Forwarder & Logistics provider. Their expertise is extensive and covers all areas of commerce, transportation and federally restrictive agencies. Their commitment to their customers is highlighted by continuing to provide their employees with ongoing training programs including the latest in computer technologies. This commitment enables Alba Wheels Up International to provide its customers with dedicated employees who provide professional and economical services. Alba Wheels Up International provides distinctive services, tailored to each specific industry. With specially trained "commodity teams," their staff will quickly become valuable resources for your international operations. Business to Business: Alba Wheels Up, International is on the forefront of business to business communication. With their Track and Tracing Network they can provide the highest level of cooperation with their clients. New State of the art Infrastructure: With the latest in technology they are ready to provide the highest level of performance for your enterprise. Address: One Exchange Place Suite 904 Jersey City New Jersey 07302 USA Phone: (201)435-7050 or (718)276-3000 Fax: (201)435-5650 Email:  Contact: Robert Lesser - Vice President -Imports

fashion directory  Alexander International: provides customized transportation, warehousing, logistics for: domestic, international export air and ocean, imports and custom house brokerage types of freight movement.

fashion directory  BDP International, Inc: provides full global logistics: freight forwarding, Customs brokerage, NVOCC, tracking, transport and storage. A customized interface fits easily with your existing systems

fashion directory  Beja Custom House Brokers: Whether you're an experienced importer or new to the world of international freight and customs clearance, they can help you with all aspects of importing.  Beja Customs Brokers specializes in serving Small to Fortune 500 companies that want an easier, lower-cost and personal service experience.  Their Services include: Customs clearing ocean, air, truck and rail shipments in all U.S. ports Arranging freight to any U.S. destination Providing freight insurance Securing Customs bonds Tracking international shipments Examples of freight they can provide customs brokerage for: Textiles Food Items Cosmetics Other Items Requiring FDA Approval Furniture Lighting Equipment Home Furnishings Chemicals (non hazardous) And Many More!  Address: 4562 Lawrenceville Highway Suite 210 Lilburn, GA 30047 PH: 770-279-9773 Fax is: 404-806-1115,562-252-1115,815-328-1816 email:  

fashion directory  BGL Brokerage Ltd.: customs brokerage, freight forwarding, export, air freight, and warehousing.

fashion directory  Big Apple Customs Brokers, Inc.: full service customs house broker and international freight forwarder.

fashion directory  Bulgin & Stockwell International: specialists in international door to door transport logistics, freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing, and tariff consulting.

fashion directory  Burnard International: customs brokers and international freight forwarders.

fashion directory  Brown, Alcantar & Brown Inc.: customs brokers & freight forwarders in El Paso, Texas serving the Mexican manufacturing industry.

fashion directory  Canadian Society of Customs Brokers (CSCB):  association that works with Canadian Customs Brokers.

fashion directory  Carmichael International Service: customs broker and freight forwarder.

fashion directory  Carson Customs Brokers USA:  Address:  #1 14th St  Blaine, Washington  98230 USA  Phone: 360-332-1322  Fax:  360-332-7819  Email: 

fashion directory  Chicago Customs Broker: Need a customs clearance in Chicago? Their expert customs brokerage specializes in helping importers and exporters get their freight cleared and delivered in the Chicago area or any port within the U.S. All types of cargo that meets government regulations can obtain a customs clearance. For more information please visit their website or call 847-427-1775.

fashion directory  Circle International: Circle International, an operating subsidiary of the Harper Group, is your global transportation and logistics solution. They provide air and ocean freight forwarding, customs brokerage, warehousing and distribution, insurance and inland transportation.

fashion directory  C.I.T. International: freight forwarding; air, sea, and land cargo handling; and customs brokerage.

fashion directory World's first discount customs broker. Offering highly personalized discount U.S. Customhouse Brokerage. If your organization is tired of a laundry list of charges, unnecessary layers of paperwork and complicated explanations of simple procedures...than "" is for you.  They make the customs entry process a smooth and painless service that gives your company what it needs? savings, service and speed.  Address:  515 Rockaway Ave, Suite 21 Valley Stream, New York 11581  USA Phone: 888-465-8865  Fax: 516-872-5017 Email: Contact: Peter Busa / Vice President

fashion directory  ClearFreight, Inc.: customs brokerage, air and ocean freight forwarding and freight insurance with a global network of agents.

fashion directory  Cole International Inc. Customs Brokers, Forwarders & Consultants: The Cole Group has over 50 years experience in customs brokerage and freight forwarding. From the company's origins in Central Canada, the Cole Group has grown to a national level with increased emphasis on international trade.

fashion directory  Courtney Agencies Ltd.: as customs brokers, freight forwarders and trade consultants we provide you with the tools and expertise to stay competitive in today's global marketplace.

fashion directory  Customs Clearance at Savannah - Full Service Customhouse Broker: they offer a full range of Customs Clearance Services at the Port of Savannah, Georgia

fashion directory  DA Customs Brokers (Denmark): they are two highly-trained import professional customs brokers and have big knowledge of tariff schedules and Customs regulations and keep abreast of the amendments made through constant changes in the law and administrative regulations. DA Custom Broker helps clients choose modes of transportation and appropriate carriers, which require analyses of a vast body of data.  They also provide assistance to importers in assigning shipments the best routes.

fashion directory  eCustoms Corporation: their company develops and sells import / export software and online systems (compliance, documentation etc.).  They also have a customs brokerage (as separate company within their corporate organization) that uses the same software and helps in the development process as a result.  They provide custom brokerage services.

fashion directory  Falcon Transportation & Forwarding Corp.: international freight service for air, ocean, and trucking cargo. Export, domestic, import, and customs house brokerage. Also specializes in retailing McIntosh audio equipment.

fashion directory  Florida National Brokers, Inc.: Established since 1984, their office specializes in personalized attention and assistance to their clients.  Experienced with all kinds of imports, but especially knowledgeable in the import procedures, markings, quotas and classifications of wearing apparel, including U.S. cut goods assembled abroad and returned to the U.S.  Computer linked to U.S. Customs facilitates for fast and efficient clearance of the goods both by air and by sea.  Address: 7100 NW 12 Street #103 Miami, Florida  33126  USA Phone: (305) 592-3050 or (305) 345-3429 Fax: (305) 591-0790 Email: Contact: Victor Llarena, President

fashion directory  General Transport Ltd.: forwarding company providing air, ocean, rail and road services including international import/export, logistics management, and customs brokerage.

fashion directory  G. & J. Leyshon & Sons Pty. Ltd.: customs broker & international freight forwarder handling all facets of imports and exports.

fashion directory  Go Global Logistics:  they are a US Customs broker, freight forwarder and supply chain consulting firm. They offer US Customs clearance, apparel and textile classification and duty calculation, guidance on special trade programs relating to textiles and apparel, importer consulting, freight forwarding, and much more. They specialize in helping importers and exports meet every requirement involved in importing or exporting textiles and apparel (as well as other goods), and can arrange for shipping of your products worldwide. Address: 304 Newbury St, Suite 312, Boston, MA 02115 Phone: (800) 599-3105 Fax: (800) 599-3105 E-mail:  Contact: George Mylonakis

fashion directory  Goudreau Fiscalite, Inc.: offers customs brokerage and international cargo shipping by air, sea, road or rail.

fashion directory  H. Kennedy Inc Customs Broker: A world class Canadian Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder. In business since 1847, highly experienced in all aspects of international trade

fashion directory  Hellmann International - offers freight forwarding services, customs brokerage, and the ability to custom design an EDI service.

fashion directory  IFCBA - International Federation of Customs Brokers Associations: brings international customs brokers and their associations together in dialogue and exchange.

fashion directory  International Activities Corporation: licensed customs broker and freight forwarder.

fashion directory  J.G. Eberlein & Co., Inc.: customs house brokers specializing solely in the collection of drawback.

fashion directory  J.M. Rodgers Co., Inc.: licensed customs brokers, duty drawback specialists, and freight forwarders.

fashion directory  Jumbo Transport International, Inc.: international freight forwarder and customs house broker specializing in the shipping of automobiles, loose cargo, containers, and special projects throughout the world.

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