Lurex Defined for the Fashion Industry
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What is lurex?

Lurex is the registered brand name of The Lurex Company, Ltd. for a type of yarn with a metallic appearance. The yarn is made from synthetic film, onto which a metallic aluminum, silver, or gold layer has been vaporized. "Lurex" may also refer to cloth created with the yarn.

Since 1946, LUREX ® has been a leading worldwide registered brand for metallic yarns, giving a true guarantee of quality to the customers of The Lurex' Company Limited. Over the last thirty years, the company's two slogans have been “Adds a new brilliance to fashion” and “Yarns made for designers”.

What is metallic fiber?  Metallic fibers are manufactured fibers composed of metal, metallic alloys, plastic-coated metal, metal-coated plastic, or a core completely covered by metal.  Having their origin in textile and clothing applications, gold and silver fibers have been used since ancient times as yarns for fabric decoration. More recently, aluminum yarns, aluminized plastic yarns, and aluminized nylon yarns have replaced gold and silver.  Metal fibers exists in different forms and diameters. Generally, the sector offers metal fiber diameters from 100μm down to 1μm. Metallic fibers exists in both long, continuous fibers as well as short fibers (with a length/diameter ratio of less than 100).  Learn more about metallic fibers.

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