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What is an EDI User Group? A user is either an individual or a company, who utilizes a computer or system of standards for a specific purpose like EDI. An EDI User Group is an organization of individuals and/or companies who come together to deal with the needs of those who wish to employ a technique or technology in a unified manner. Essentially, a user group group is a discussion organizations for members to discuss and learn about EDI relevant issues.

fashion directory  NEECOM New England Electronic Commerce User's Group: The New England Electronic Commerce Users' Group (NEECOM), formerly the New England EDI Users' Group (NEEDI), is a nonprofit organization established in 1990. Today their members are large and small organizations in a variety of industries. Their members include manufacturers, distributors, retailers, hospitals, insurance companies, motor carriers, universities, banks and government agencies. The common thread is their interest in EC/eDI and related technologies. They welcome companies who are at any stage in their implementation of Electronic Commerce.

fashion directory  OEWG: Ohio EDI working group : The Ohio EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Working Group (OEWG), formerly known as the Operational Support Data Exchange (OSPOData) Workgroup, develops EDI transaction standards and procedures for customer choice in Ohio's electric service industry.

fashion directory  Portland EDI Infoshare:  The purpose of Portland EC/eDI InfoShare is to provide a forum for learning, sharing and networking and to promote Electronic Commerce and EDI in their region (Portland, OR).

fashion directory  Southern California EDI Roundtable: The Southern California EDI Roundtable is a cross-industry group of professionals that promote EDI and the free exchange of EDI information. Formed in 1991 the membership is quite diverse with representatives from manufacturers, defense contractors, financial institutions, health care providers, small companies, large businesses, EDI suppliers and consultants.

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EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, is a technology that helps trading partners and organizations get more done, speed up logistics timelines and eliminate manual errors by automating business-to-business (B2B) communications. EDI helps many organizations that produce, ship, purchase and sell goods or provide care, from retailers and manufacturers to logistics firms, airlines, healthcare providers, insurers and more.

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