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Thank you for using the Apparel Search website to learn about Electronic Data Interchange, eXtensible Markup Language and Electronic Commerce.

EDI is described as the interchange of structured data according to agreed message standards between computer systems, by electronic means. Structured data equates to an unambiguous method of presenting the data content of a document, be it an invoice, order or any other document type. The method of ensuring the correct interpretation of the information by the computer system is defined by the standard. Electronic exchange of information in the context of pure EDI effectively means without human intervention.

Electronic Commerce (EC): Transacting business via electronic means.

fashion directory  ACT Data Services, Inc.: ACT Data offers a complete outsource solution for all of your EDI needs. No setup fees, monthly fees or minimums! Let the experts handle the headaches of EDI. No special software or hardware required. The fastest, easiest, most cost efficient way to become EDI compliant. All retailers serviced. Personal EDI analyst assigned to each customer account.  Address: 17-10 River Rd. Fair Lawn, NJ 07410 800-ACT-DATA 201-796-4593 bob@actdata.com

fashion directory  AIMS 360 (Apparel Information Management System): With over 5,000+ installations, AIMS 360 is the industry's leading apparel ERP software offering the most robust and fully integrated solution for manufactures and wholesalers/distributors of apparel, footwear, handbags, accessories, jewelry, home furnishings and other fashion goods. AIMS 360's product suite is comprehensive, feature-rich, user-friendly, easy to implement and is compatible on a PC, Mac, or iPad. AIMS runs on the most advanced technologies and platforms offering a hosted cloud based solution which runs on .NET and SQL servers or an on-site solution. A Microsoft Gold Partner and Gold Level QuickBooks developer, AIMS 360 provides the most professional, up-to-date business applications, including: AIMS EasyShop™ online B2C retail shopping cart, AIMS WebLink™ online B2B wholesale shopping cart, AIMS RemoteLink™ native iPad app for taking orders anywhere, anytime, the easiest-to-use EDI integration, AIMS GL Integration™ with QuickBooks, Sage and other accounting software's, UPS and FedEx shipping integration, and Business Analytics for iPad. From materials to finished goods, our system is easy-to-use, customizable, and affordable. AIMS360 serves clients of ALL sizes! Whether a start-up, medium size, or large business, AIMS is your ERP solution and is here to help you grow and increase your ROI! AIMS is located in the California Market Center, 110 E. 9th St., Suite A1169, Los Angeles, CA 90079.  Call: 310-361-5710 Email: sales@aims360.com

fashion directory  ApparelMagic : ApparelMagic® is the industry leader in apparel management solutions, with more than 27 years of excellence. Web-enabled, PC & Mac compatible, ApparelMagic offers ERP, PDM, CRM, PLM, EDI and Accounting in one integrated solution.  ApparelMagic offers the MOST COST EFFECTIVE ERP/eDI Solution in the industry as well as ApparelMagic® To Go for iPads and Notebooks,  ApparelMagic® Web, your live web based order entry system, and ApparelMagic® Plus, your powerful customization tool, to write your own scripts, reports and layouts.  ApparelMagic To Go and ApparelMagic Web enable your sales team to show your digital showroom and take orders ANYWHERE, on your iPad, laptop or other web friendly mobile solution (with or without internet access.)  No other ERP software combines the ease of use, power, technology and friendly service.  ApparelMagic provides direct and immediate access to the latest status of any line, any customer, any accounting report.  ApparelMagic provides a visual feast of images, specs, revisions, instructions, sales history and other tools to easily to determine all options and respond effectively. ApparelMagic also supports easy integration with UPS, FedEx, e-commerce links to your shopping cart and 3d-party warehouse systems. ApparelMagic's user friendly visual interface, worldwide deployment options and comprehensive reports give you unmatched power to move your business forward. Systems begin at under $5,000 with convenient lease options as low as $250 monthly (contact them for most current pricing). All systems include free training, live technical support, product updates and powerful online help tools. Contact: John Murphy, ApparelMagic, 1764 North Congress Ave, West Palm Beach, FL 33409. Toll Free: 888-636-0002. Email: sales@apparelmagic.com.  Visit: www.apparelmagic.com

fashion directory  Aria Systems: Aria Systems is a provider of complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions and creator of the Digital Order Form, an efficient field sales automation tool for the Tablet PC. Our flagship Aria 4XP ERP Product Suite is an end-to-end solution for Supply Chain Management (SCM), Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), and Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), specifically designed for the Apparel, Accessories, Footwear, Home Furnishings, and Textiles industries. With 15+ years of experience in developing, deploying, and maintaining fully-integrated systems, Aria possesses the critical insight required for understanding the unique challen! ges facing apparel companies from both an Operations and Information Systems perspective, and delivers solutions that match the unique business needs of our customers. Aria Systems services include comprehensive training solutions, as well as business and process management consulting.

fashion directory  Beacon EDI is a privately held EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Business-To-Business Solutions company with headquarters in San Diego, California. They help small start-up businesses with entrepreneurial spirit to medium-sized thriving organizations looking to expand their market share to become EDI capable in minutes. Their software is very user-friendly and has capabilities of sending electronic documents from any computer, iPad, or iPhone quickly and easy. Beacon EDI Address: 4445 Eastgate Mall Suite 200 San Diego, CA 92121 Phone: 800-334-6127 Email: SalesInquiry@BeaconEDI.com Contact: Sergey Sudakov

fashion directory  Blueprint Electronic Commerce Ltd.:  Blueprint are an independent Electronic Commerce  consultancy in Europe, with clients worldwide. They specialize in EDI and extranets and have been linking companies electronically since 1988.

fashion directory  The Camry Group, Inc.: The Camry Group, Inc. is an EDI Service Burea / Bar Code Service Bureau. Their services range from setting up EDI transactions (850, 856, 810) to providing bar code services (shipping labels and hang tags). They serve as an One-Stop-Shop for all your EDI and Bar Coding requirements. Address: 875 Avenue of the Americas Suite 1715 New York New York 10001 USA Phone: (212) 268-8675 Fax: (212) 268-8679 Email: general@camrygroup.com

fashion directory  ComputerCare Inc.: CAMS (ComputerCare Apparel Management System) is designed by industry experts as a full function ERP system that integrates FG Inventory and Production with Order Entry. CAMS is easy to use for importers and manufacturers of clothing products and even easier on your budget. ComputerCare has built-in flexibility to allow the system to be easily modified for individual use, often without the need to do any programming. Key features include: available to sell reporting all the time, anytime; sophisticated multi-store (distro) order entry, including consolidated picking tickets; intelligent order allocation logic; production orders to schedule imports, cutting & knits; planning to ID profit by groups/styles; booking analysis (cut and sold reporting) to maximize productivity. Integrated EDI and PDM modules are available.  Address: 241 Forsgate Drive Jamesburg, NJ 08831 Phone: 732-656-0673 Fax: 732-656-0656 Contact: Ken Reifer E-mail: sales@computercare.com  

fashion directory  Computer Outsourcing Services (COSI): They provide Outsourced Computer Services including EDI, Bar Coded and non bar coded labels, and Apparel based systems to control orders, production, inventory, distribution and finance. Their clients can focus on their business and reduce costs while leaving technology to them. All of their systems are Web accessible. Their secure web based DATATRAC system tracks EDI activity in real time.  They developed their Product Marking, Shipping and Label Printing Services to enable you to make your products "floor ready" for your retail customers. Their services allow you to attach scan tested, bar coded product and shipping labels to your products and containers for shipment to your customers. Their Product Marking Service is fully integrated with our EDI facility, providing quick turnaround and accuracy.  Address:  2 Christie Heights St Leonia, New Jersey 07605  USA  Phone:  201-840-4753 or 212-564-3730  Fax: 201-840-7153  Email: hliebman@cosi-us.com   Contact:    Howard Liebman, VP Business Applications

fashion directory  CovalentWorks is the leading EDI service company for sending, receiving, and processing Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transactions.

fashion directory  DIcentral Corp: Hosted EDI/xML net-based applications, Total B2B Data Integration, enables corporations of any size to achieve B2B data integration without the costly investment in localized software and hardware technology, and without the costs of ongoing maintenance and management of B2B relationships  Address:  17625 El Camino Real Suite 200 Houston, Texas 77058 USA  Phone: 281-480-1121  Fax:  281-480-1181 Email: tmai@DIcentral.com Contact: Thuy Mai  /cEO

fashion directory  Digital Movers is the premier provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) outsourcing services to companies that need to communicate commerce transaction data electronically with their Trading Community.

fashion directory  Dynamic Distribution Services: they provide third party logistics and distribution services for apparel manufacturers. They offer full service EDI compliance with all major retailers and they can customize their services to your needs. Address: 200 Central Ave South Kearny New Jersey 07032 USA Phone: 973-344-5333 x293 Email: sales@dynamiconline.com  Contact: Eric Glenn, Sales

fashion directory  EAN International: EAN International manages a world-wide system that allows the identification and the communication of data on products, services, utilities, transport units and locations. It develops and maintains coding standards for all users. Its aim is to develop a global, multi-sectorial standards system thus providing a common language for national and international trade.

 fashion directory  EasyLink is a leading global provider of cloud messaging and business integration services that help companies optimize relationships with their partners, suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. Their 100% outsourced one-stop shopping solution spans both on-demand business messaging, with cloud fax, and EDI/b2B services and supply chain solutions, creating attractive economies of scale with unparalleled quality and a single point of accountability.  Internet Commerce Corporation merged with EasyLink.

fashion directory  EBS-EDI Business Services: are designed to assist your company to effectively and securely process information with their trading partners. By exchanging purchase orders, advance ship notices (ASN), invoices and UPC bar coded hang tags and labels; we can rapidly process your information and dramatically reduce your operating expenses. They provide scan tested bar code products and UCC128 (GS1) shipping labels for your merchandise and containers.  They print Hang Tags, Stickers, and Shipping and Content Labels. Recognizing that time sensitive world wide deliveries are critical to your business their dedicated attention to detail and complete follow through is monitored from purchase order to ship date. Email: services@ebs-edi.com  Phone: 973 484-8778 Fax: 973 484-8099

fashion directory  ec/edi Insider:  EC/eDI industry newsletter, published every other Monday by Washington Publishing Company, provides EDI business decision makers with information they need to keep abreast of the top news and events that affect the electronic commerce marketplace.

fashion directory  eCentre UK: The association offers a "one stop shop" for providing help and advice on electronic commerce to UK organizations at large and provides a comprehensive suite of services to its members to help them to adopt best practice in doing business electronically across the extended enterprise.  It supports and publicizes the EAN
UCC (International Article Numbering Association/uniform Code Council) standards and electronic commerce standards

fashion directory  Ecomworld: On line magazine for the EC professional.

fashion directory  ECS Technologies Inc.: ECS offers a wide range of expertise in five competency areas:

fashion directory EDI Academy Inc: The EDI Training courses offered by the EDI Academy may be an excellent door opener for individuals starting out in the EDI industry. They can also be outstanding knowledge transfer sessions for best practices and successful EDI implementations for seasoned EDI professionals. These courses provide an opportunity for anyone whose work requires understanding and use of EDI to gain better knowledge of EDI fundamentals and best practices. What makes this course unique is the application of real world examples from various companies and industries. After completing these courses, class members will gain better comprehension of EDI fundamentals and they will also be provided with coaching on how to overcome major EDI challenges and apply the learned best practices. Address: 8880 Rio San Diego Dr Suite 505 San Diego, CA 92108 Phone 858-605-0412 Contact: Michael Kotoyan

fashion directory  EDIAsia

fashion directory  EDI Aware (United Kingdom): The quarterly magazine of the UK EDI Awareness Centres.

fashion directory  EDI Center: EDI Center Description: The Los Angeles based EDI Center provides EDI training, support, and staffing; specializing in the retail industry.  The EDI Center was founded in 2004 but is based upon over a decade of experience with our previous company, The EDI Connection, which was acquired by QRS Corporation in 1998. During the 1990's we provided services for small to medium sized vendors to meet their retail trading partner's EDI requirements. Today, the EDI Center is a premier provider of support services that help companies make efficient use of their EDI processes with education, training, and qualified personnel. 

fashion directory  EDI Consulting Services Inc.: The company specializes in the IBM midrange environment, and employees have a vast knowledge in this environment as well as hands on experience implementing EDI, (Electronic Data Interchange) systems. The scope of the company will not limit work to that in the EDI arena, but will encompass all areas of providing solutions to business problems and opportunities.

fashion directory  Ediguy Consulting they are resellers of EDI/eC software and VAN services. They can provide you with a full service hand off EDI program to satisfy all your vendors and customers including outsourcing and mapping.

fashion directory  EDI, Inc. (Encomium Data International, Inc). has been supplying electronic data interchange software, training and support services to all kinds of businesses since 1991.  Their flagship product, Pro_eDI Translation Software for Windows, UNIX, LINUX & HP3000 supports HIPAA, X12, and Edifact Standards.  They also offer Internet based EDI VAN services at a fraction of the cost of traditional VANS. Pro_eDI Software is very reasonably priced.  Address: 6001 Cochran Road, Suite 300 Solon, Ohio 44139 Phone # (440)505-2261 or 1-800-969-3341  Fax: (440)505-2281 E-mail: fpaternite@proedi.com  Contact: Frank S. Paternite, President

fashion directory  EDI Partners Ltd.: EDI Partners provides a series of product-independent one-day EDI seminars for business professionals with demanding schedules. The seminars are hosted by leading universities in the United States. EDI Partners will also develop in-house EDI training programs.

fashion directory  EDI Service Bureau their purpose is to assist you in your quest for the EDI solution which will meet your particular needs. On this site you will find basic information about EDI, its benefits and costs, and a list of the ANSI X.12 transaction sets. They also feature links to Federal and State EDI info, details on EDI standards and a source of EDI publications.

fashion directory  EDI Specialists Inc.: EDI Specialists Inc., is an international provider of EDI & Electronic Commerce experienced human resources. Our clients turn to us when they require proven professionals to advance their Electronic Commerce projects on-time & within budget.

fashion directory  Edi Support Inc.: EDI Support, Inc. (ESI) provides EDI implementation and installation assistance to major retailers and their vendors. The EDI Support, Inc. staff members are acknowledged experts in the areas of VANS, EDI systems integration, EDI and UPC interfaces and translation software; they've installed hundreds of accounts in the last 12 years.

fashion directory  Electronic Commerce and EDI Centre for Wales:  EDI and Electronic Commerce are essential to the future success of all Welsh businesses, both private and public, and, thus, the overall regional economy. Understanding EDI and Electronic Commerce and what they offer your organisation, together with identifying how to go about adopting these technologies, are important topics for business people in Wales.

fashion directory  Electronic Markets Journal  EM - Electronic Markets is a key forum for advancing the understanding and practice of electronic markets and commerce.  Started in 1991, EM was the first journal to report on developments and the latest trends related to the exciting and rapidly evolving research field of electronic commerce

fashion directory  Electronic Commerce Innovation Centre, The: Today the eCommerce Innovation Centre seeks to:  Help the business community become more aware of and adopt modern electronic trading practices; Support and encourage all sectors in their use of eCommerce, as well as new and existing users of EDI; Investigate the benefits and impact of eCommerce through various regional, national and international projects; Raise the awareness of the next generation of professionals leaving university by encouraging students to research, understand and use eCommerce and EDI.

fashion directory  ESI

fashion directory  EXTOL International, Inc.: EXTOL is the premier provider of B2B integration solutions for Electronic Commerce. EXTOL enables companies to exchange EC transactions and documents between their applications and those of their partners. More than just a product, EXTOL is focused on equipping the enterprise to succeed in the world of e-Business.  EXTOL is an award-winning supplier of electronic commerce interchange (EDI/xML) products and services, with software applications for the IBM AS/400, Windows NT, and UNIX platforms. They have a 100% customer satisfaction rate among companies representing the Global 2,000 in all industries, including manufacturing, distribution, transportation, healthcare, and services.  Address: 795 Franklin Ave. Franklin Lakes, New Jersey 07417 United States Phone:  201-847-1200 or  888-334-3986  Fax: 201-847-1622  Email: info@extol.com  Contact:   Steve Rosen, VP of Marketing

fashion directory  eZCom Software Inc.: provides innovative Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) Business-to-Business integration solutions for small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) in supply chains. eZCom capitalizes on the growing need for a simple and effective solution that empowers SMBs to effectively participate in these supply chains. eZCom's proprietary architecture supports multiple translation and communications protocols such as EDI X12, XML, and AS2, while reducing complexities associated with the technology and business processes. eZCom clients report up to 90% improvements in efficiency, and the company maintains less than 1% attrition due to competitive reasons. eZCom's solutions become an extension of the supplier's company, growing with them as their needs evolve. Phone # 877.765.3564.

fashion directory  Global E-Commerce Technologies is a provider of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) development and consulting services.  Their experience in diverse industries gives them the background for understanding today's EDI/e-Commerce needs.

fashion directory  Global Products & Service Registry (GPSR) Is a searchable database of web page links indexed using the United Nations Standard Products and Services Classification (UN/sPSC).


fashion directory  GXS: GXS is a leading worldwide provider of business-to-business integration, synchronization and collaboration solutions. The company operates a highly reliable, secure global network services platform enabling more than 40,000 businesses, including 75 percent of the Fortune 500, to conduct business together in real time. They offer an extensive range of solutions to help companies, both large and small, connect worldwide with their business partners, synchronize product and price information, optimize inventory levels and demand forecasts, and speed the overall execution of their global supply chains. With the broadest array of capabilities and an unsurpassed worldwide reach, GXS ensures No Trading Partner is Left Behind. In June 2002, GXS was acquired by Francisco Partners from General Electric Company (GE) and now operates as an independent firm. GE retains a minority investment in GXS. Francisco Partners is one of the world's largest technology-focused buyout funds with over $2.5 billion of committed capital under management. For more information on Francisco Partners, visit http://www.franciscopartners.com.

fashion directory  Haynes & Company: Consulting Company.  They also sell a ecommerce dictionary.

fashion directory  hfXchange: The HFXCHANGE EDI solution offers services for suppliers to implement EDI with their trading partners quickly and cost effectively. The services include UPC and SKU Management, all EDI and XML documents, docuemnt tracking and reconciliation among many others. All that is required is a computer with Internet access and a browser.  Address: 785 Washington Street  Canton, Massachusetts 02021 USA  Phone: (800) 598-6125  or   (781) 828-7773  Fax: (781) 821-2201 Email: support@hfxchange.com  Contact: Kevin Kelly

fashion directory  IMPAC / AIT: Full service apparel distribution facility.  Providing services in NY, NJ, Los Angeles and Florida 1,000,000 Sq. Ft. of warehousing and distribution.  Their WOOPPS division provides garment refurbishing, labeling, pressing etc.  AIT division provides computer outsourcing for EDI , Bar coding, order procesing etc.  Impac Transportation provides pier, airport and LTL as well as FTL trucking.  1 American Way Secaucus, New Jersey 07094 Phone 201 617-7777 Fax 201 223-5967 Main fax number  Email: RSIMPAC@AOL.COM   Contact:  Richard Sapienza, President  or Rob Email: robrf@impaccorp.com

fashion directory  Inovis: Inovis is a leading provider of fully integrated B2B solutions and services that manage the flow of critical e-commerce information for global trading communities. With more than 20 years of history as a pioneer and innovator in the EDI and B2B marketplace, Inovis extensive experience working with leading suppliers and retailers is reflected in the Company's customer base of more than 20,000 organizations worldwide. Inovis solutions address fundamental industry challenges such as global data synchronization, mandate compliance, transaction management and global trade management.

fashion directory  Internet Commerce Corporation is now formally known as EasyLink Services International Corporation!

fashion directory  Internet.com's Electronic Commerce Guide: E-commerce news.

fashion directory  Internet One-Stop Shop for eCommerce (IOSIS):  Specialized subject such as Electronic Commerce it combines all the functions of:

fashion directory  Karl Nagel & Company: Karl Nagel & Company is a Professional Services firm which specializes in electronic commerce consulting and assurance services. As a recognized leader in the field, Karl Nagel & Company can provide information, training, and support for CPA firms and clients, including: 

fashion directory  Kissinger Associates, Inc.: Kissinger Associates, Inc. is the premier developer of Electronic Data Interchange solutions for users of MAS 90 accounting software.  The company's EDI offerings include a variety of integrated software solutions designed to provide options for a range of implementation needs. Kissinger Associates products support the most prevalent third-party translators and permit the use of virtually any Value Added Network.

fashion directory  Kleinschmidt Inc.:  is an EC Solutions provider.  Their services include EDI and XML message routing, translation, custom Internet and non-Internet application development.  They provide EDI solutions for many companies, large and small, in various industries including Transportation, Retail, Apparel, Grocery, Finance, Healthcare, etc.  Many industries use EDI subsets such as VICS / WINS. Because the standards are not flexible enough to fit each industry, there is a need for translation services.  At Kleinschmidt, they can map EDI supbsets for the Apparel Industry to standards or another format such as XML or email / fax.  They help keep EDI and non-EDI companies connected.   Address: 450 Lake Cook Road  Deerfield Illinois 60015 US
Phone: 847-945-1000  Fax:  847-945-4619  Email:  Solutions@Kleinschmidt.com

fashion directory  Logicom Technologies, LLC:  Logicom focuses its development efforts on addressing the critical elements of Internet-centric solutions, such as:

fashion directory  Oklahoma Electronic Commerce Connection (OKEC): A division of the Oklahoma  Department of Vocational and Technical Education.  Discussion groups, e-commerce news etc.

fashion directory  OASIS: the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards, is a non-profit, international consortium that creates interoperable industry specifications based on public standards such as XML and SGML. OASIS members include organizations and individuals who provide, use and specialize in implementing the technologies that make these standards work in practice.

fashion directory  Open Information Interchange Initiative, The: The objective of the European Commission's Open Information Interchange (OII) service is to provide all market actors -- including standards and specification developers, product and service providers, and end-users of these products and services -- with an overview of existing and emerging standards and industry specifications designed to facilitate the exchange of information in electronic form.

fashion directory  REMEDI Electronic Commerce Group:  REMEDI is an Independent Provider of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) Professional Consulting Services and Software Solutions. REMEDI's broad spectrum of customers relies upon our expertise in installing, implementing, integrating, and supporting B2B E-commerce initiatives.

fashion directory  Research Triangle Consultants, Inc.: RTCI facilitates the development and operations of comprehensive business-to-business Electronic Commerce (EC) solutions. RTCI specializes in EC solutions involving EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) by providing mission critical EC consulting, EC software, outsourced EC services, and technical resource management. From their beginnings as an EDI consulting firm, when EDI was the business-to-business EC solution, RTCI has been a leader in making EC business-to-business really work.

fashion directory  Royal 4 Sytems: Royal 4Systems is software solutions manufacturer for Distribution / Warehouse Management System, in which you define the location rules, container type, palettization rules, shipment procedures for multiple orders, packaging techniques, etc. WISE then optimizes these tasks for you based on detailed algorithmic rule engines. The extensive WISE functions are available to improve your Distribution /warehouse Center's operations to give you a competitive advantage by minimizing your costs and increasing your productivity,   They also offer a 3PL, ERP (R4 Enterprise, EDI, E-com and R4 BPM (Business Process Monitoring)   Address: 5000 E. Spring Street  Suite 415 Long Beach California 90815 USA 562-420-9594 ext 127 Fax:  562 420 7818 Email: blowry@royal4.com  Contact: Brian Lowry Business Development Manager

fashion directory  Savant Technologies Inc.: Savant Technologies is a leading provider of fixed price Electronic Commerce solutions. Their customers have come to expect a strong combination of customer focus and technical excellence that help them develop pioneering new business strategies for the next millennium.

fashion directory  Scheyer-Austin, Ltd.: Their mission is to provide true long-term benefits to organizations and end users at a cost-effective level. That means they will assemble the best software and hardware components to fulfill your business vision.  They stay current with evolving technologies so you're assured of the best overall solutions.

fashion directory  Secretariat for Federal EDI

fashion directory  Trade Facilitation Information Exchange (TraFIX): (UN Economic Commission for Europe) Trade Facilitation is a systematic approach to improving the efficiency and effectiveness of procedures, documentation and data exchange used in international trade transactions.

fashion directory  Tru-Fit Data Systems: The Tru-Fit Apparel Management System was designed by industry experts and is easy to use.  Microsoft Visual Basic and SQL Database provide built-in flexibility allow the system to be easily modified for individual use, often without the need to do any programming.  Key features include:
available to sell reporting, sophisticated multi-store (distro) order entry, including consolidated picking tickets; intelligent order allocation logic; production orders to schedule imports, planning to ID profit by groups/styles; booking analysis (cut and sold reporting) and integrated EDI functionality to maximize productivity.  Address: 34 Kennedy Boulevard East Brunswick, NJ 08816-1248 Phone:  732-247-7900 Fax: 732-247-8599  e-mail: kenr@trufitdata.com Contact: Ken Reifer.

fashion directory  Vialink: viaLink is the Internet-based solution for connecting retailers, distributors and manufacturers to all their respective trading partners through a single interface.  viaLink is a secure shared database, moving synchronized pricing, product and promotional information through the retail supply chain accurately, economically, efficiently.

fashion directory  World Fashion Exchange Inc. (WFX), is a global solutions provider, focused entirely on the fashion industry. Incorporated in USA, with offices in Europe, South Asia, an R&D center in India, and over 300 clients worldwide, WFX has established a significant global presence. With unprecedented domain knowledge in fashion, apparel, footwear & home furnishings, WFX offers specialized end-to-end software solutions for different segments of the fashion value chain including Retailers, Brands, Buying / Sourcing Agents, Importers & Suppliers / Manufacturers. For more information on the latest web based software solutions for the sewn goods industry such as Web PDM, Web PLM, Web ERP II, Web EDI, fashion computer software, fashion clothing software and apparel software, please contact World Fashion Exchange

fashion directory  xml-edifact: an approach towards XML/eDI as a prototype.

fashion directory  XML-EDI Group: was founded in July 1997 in response to President Clinton's call for industries' support in dealing with Internet-based commerce issues, and the emergence in time and space of pivotal technologies that allowed this to be realized through the fusion of XML and EDI.  They are an ad hoc group of professionals and volunteers in various industries dedicated to promoting and guiding the future of XML/eDI standards and products by donating their time and energy.