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fashion directory  Barudan: Single head to twenty head embroidery machines.Manufacturer of monogram machines under the Meistergram label.

fashion directory  Brother International Ltd. (Japan;with international offices): Sewing machines, knitting machines and embroidery machines. Since its early days as a manufacturer of sewing and knitting machines, Brother has kept pace with the fast moving world of fashion.  In the field of ready-to-wear garments, Brother is responding to change in the modern apparel industry where sensitivity to customer needs, premium product quality, and cost reductions are watchwords. Brother not only creates but also develops the optimal environment for each production facility, ranging from the design of hardware and software to the sewing factories. In the area of domestic sewing machines and knitting machines, Brother is increasingly meeting specialized needs by offering machines that, because of their ease of use, allow users to experience the joy of creating original fashion products. With the aim of maintaining our position as the world's number one producer of apparel manufacturing appliances, with a wide range of products, Brother is setting new standards in the industry.

fashion directory  Durkee Enterprises: Embroidery hoops, embroidery frames and accessories for machines.  Durkee Enterprises was founded with the concept of providing lower cost, higher quality products for the embroidery industry.  They utilized their extensive manufacturing experience to create one of the most widely distributed tubular hoop line in the world today. Their capabilities include, but are not limited to, CNC machining and milling, laser and water cutting, fabricating, stamping, injection molding, and screw machine work. They are able to manufacture any part to your specifications.

fashion directory  Hannam (Korea): The machine KOREM deals successfully without the problem which has existed multi-head embroidery machine. The KOREM can substitute other embroidery machine 100%( Frame type embroidery machine). As everyone knows, embroidery machine must have tight fabric stretch X and Y axis. KOREM has roll moving system with Y-axis for continuous working and it has the perfect special device(we got the patent) for X-axis fabric stretch. The KOREM has the perfect fabric stretch between X&Y axis. Therefore it can work all kind of embroidery job such as curtain, bedding and lace etc. And it has 9 color changing and 400g/s.m thick(bedding). They also supply Computerized Roll-type Embroidery Machine - KOREM for the first time in the world. Computerized Roll-type Embroidery Machine is a new product which can replace frame-type Embroidery machine. And roller system enables mass production and continuous working as well. HANNAM F.A.S is supplied with machine head parts form TAJIMA for frameless roll type embroidery machine.

fashion directory  Heinzle Sticktechnik GmbH:   manufactures control systems for embroidery machines.

fashion directory  Hoopmaster: Manufacturer of hooping device used for the embroidery industry. Available for Melco, Happy, Tajima, Barudan, Toyota, Brother, Hoop Tech, Durkee and SWF embroidery machines.

fashion directory  Melco Emroidery Systems:(USA) a world leader in embroidery for over 25 years, offers a complete line of embroidery equipment and digitizing software. Melco's broad product line promotes growth--and ranges from single head to twelve head machines. Melco provides one-stop shopping for leasing, service, technical support, training and embroidery supplies (through Accessory Resource Corporation "ARC", a Melco subsidiary). Melco machines are the only embroidery machines engineered, built and supported in the U.S.A.

fashion directory  Pantograms Manufacturing Co (USA) : embroidery machines and equipment.  Pantograms is proud to have played a major role in the growth of the embroidery industry for over 30 years.  Their patented pantograph/monogrammer produced hundreds of thousands of embroidered name tapes for the U.S. Armed Forces.  They are proud to be the largest distributor of  TOYOTA embroidery machines in the world.  They carry a full line of products to meet all of your embroidery needs, for commercial and home use.

fashion directory  Saurer Group:(Switzerland) manufacturer of textile machines for spinning, twisting, and embroidery.   Eight brand names are united under the red Saurer logo Allma, Elitex, Hamel, Melco, Saurer, Schlafhorst, Volkmann and Zinser.

fashion directory  SunStar: Manufacturer of industrial embroidery machines, sewing machines and motors.  Computerized automatic embroidery machines are a core element of the apparel industry. They are composed of 27,000 or so parts. Ultra-precision design, process, assembly technology, computer-aid automatic control and other advanced technologies are needed to produce the products. SunStar produces some 500 types of embroidery machines which are durable, able to deliver delicate embroidery, and suppress noise and vibration during embroidery work. As such, they are recognized as top-quality products in the world. Among them, '1,200rpm embroidery machine' which boasts 1,5 times higher productivity than general machine types and the 'dual embroidery machine' which can produce different embroidery designs at the same time, are the first products of their kinds and loved by many customers as innovative products. In addition, SunStar compact embroidery machine series have earned explosive popularity in the world market due to their outstanding performance and excellence in producing beautiful designs. The technology which changed the global market trend is the driving force for creating the miracles of SunStar. SunStar embroidery machines are exported to some 150 countries around the world. They are ranked No. 1 in the local and overseas markets. As global top products, they are endeared by global consumers.

fashion directory  SWF Embroidery Machines: U.S. Distributor of SWF commercial embroidery machines.  Line of equipment ranges from single head starter machines to fifteen head industrial models.  Company also hosts "Getting Started" seminars around the country and maintains a School of Embroidery in Tampa, FL. E-mail: swf1@swfeast.com

fashion directory  Tajima Corp: Japan. Multi and single head electronic embroidery machinery and auxiliary equipment. Detailed machine specifictions.

fashion directory  EBD : YIBODA Industrial Co., LTD, characterized with its own design, manufacturing, sales and maintenance is a high-tech enterprise. Professionals in producing computerized embroidery machine , quilting machine and quilting embroidery machine . The factory is located in Dongguan, Guangdong, the NO.1 manufacturing city of P.R.China. With its abundant technique power advanced and delicate industrial level strict and scientific management and by importing advanced manufacturing equipments and high-quality key spare parts, YIBODA created a complete series of management regulations to accord with ISO9002 system. Hence, YIBODA products are convenient safe and high efficient and have reliable performance accurate size, and are very popular in South East Asia, Middle East, and East Europe market.  YIBODA products mainly cover computerized embroidery machine (including normal embroidery machine, sequins device, cording device etc. ) computerized quilting embroidery machine multi-needle quilting machine and so on. Of course, YIBODA can also meet various kinds of customized embroidery and quilting machines to meet different customers" requirements.

fashion directory  ZSK: Supplier of single and multi-head industrial embroidery machines.  ZSK USA was founded in January 1989 as a subsidiary to the parent company ZSK Stickmaschinen GmbH of Krefeld, Germany. ZSK USA is operating independently and has developed it's own sales and marketing organization covering the USA and Canadian territories. Now having based itself in Franklin, New Hampshire. After consistent growth over the years, it was necessary to relocate to larger headquarters from it's original founding facility in Laconia, New Hampshire. ZSK USA maintains a professional staff for sales, as well as factory trained certified technicians to service the northeastern states and in addition to offer any necessary back-up support to that of it's distributors. The facility also includes a "stocking" warehouse of the most requested machine models for these markets as well as an extensive inventory of spare parts. A training area is utilized for scheduled seminars where new digitizing software owners can come to receive instruction. Also, a "hands on" education is offered to all new owners of ZSK machines covering all the necessary aspects of the equipment's operation as well as coverage on the mechanical and electronic maintenance.

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