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fashion directory  Colman & Company:

fashion directory  Durkee Enterprises: Embroidery hoops, embroidery frames and accessories for machines.  Durkee Enterprises was founded with the concept of providing lower cost, higher quality products for the embroidery industry.  They utilized their extensive manufacturing experience to create one of the most widely distributed tubular hoop line in the world today. Their capabilities include, but are not limited to, CNC machining and milling, laser and water cutting, fabricating, stamping, injection molding, and screw machine work. They are able to manufacture any part to your specifications.

fashion directory  Fast Frames: is a manufacturer of high quality stainless & aluminum embroidery frames and hoops for an ever evolving embroidery industry.

fashion directory  Hoop-It-All (Prescott Valley, AZ): they are manufacturers of incredible sewing machine embroidery hoops and revolutionary stabilizers.  At their website you will find information regarding the Medium and Big Cap Hoop-It-All hoops, Giant square Hoop-It-All, Giant-L Hoop-It-All, Super Giant-L Hoop-It-All, Giant R8 Double-Wide Hoop-It-All, Quilters Double Wide, Double-Wide, Super Giant Double Wide Hoop-It-All hoops.

fashion directory  HoopMaster: HoopMaster Is a Unique new Hooping Device for the Embroidery Industry. Featuring: Magnetic Backing Material Holder, Instead of Clips or Messy Tape. Arms that actually support and automatically square your hoop. HoopMaster is Made of some of the Strongest materials available. When Changing Logo Location There is not any Hardware to Adjust.

fashion directory  Hooptech Products: they believe that through passion, excitement and innovation they can change the embroidery industry. Over the years that philosophy has served them well. From the very first product, the Cap Frame, they recognized a genuine need for a product to help embroiders sew better, more consistently and more profitably. They were rewarded with an overwhelmingly positive response from people in the industry. Everyone can recognize a product that works, and that's the kind of products they strive to build at Hoop Tech. Hoop Tech Products, from the original EMS style Cap Frame to the newest addition to the Hoop Tech family, the Dream Frame, have always been manufactured right here in America. Hoop Tech is a proud to display the made in U.S.A. stickers on all of its products.  Located in Fairfield, Ohio.

fashion directory  Tex Inc. (The Embroidery eXperts, Inc.) TEX INC'S founders have been in the embroidery industry for over 18 years. Their knowledge extends to all areas of the industry - sales, service, training, embroidery, digitizing and consulting.  The All In 1 Hooper is designed to hoop all garment sizes. It has 5 boards embedded into 1 device. Adults, Juniors, Toddlers, Infants & Sleeve Board all collapse independently to adjust to the size needed. The All in 1 Hooper is the only device in the industry that works with every garment & hoop size without having to purchase additional attachments. Everything Included at 1 low price!

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