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The Apparel Search directory provides a wide variety of information for the Fashion & Textile Industry.  In this section, you will find resources that are directly relevant to the printing & dyeing of textiles, printing on clothing, and printing or dyeing fashion accessories.   The garment printers directory is designed to assist sourcing managers with locating top quality printing and dyeing factories around the world. 

In addition to assisting buyers of printed garments, the directory is a wonderful tool for factories in the printing industry.  The Apparel Search directory will assist your factory (print facility), by providing you with information that will help you locate printing equipment and printing supplies such as printing inks, screens, mesh, emulsion, separations, engravers etc.

Printing on fabric

Dyeing / Finishing

Printing Equipment


 If you are looking for blanks for your printing, you can view our clothing factory directory or corporate wholesaler directory.  In those section you can find blank T-shirts, Hats, Sweatshirts, Outerwear etc.  If you are interested in printing on corporate apparel, you have found a great place to start your search.

Printing on clothing and printing on fabric is not an easy task.  Visit the websites listed in this guide so that you can learn more about the art of textile printing.

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