Printing Inks for textiles and clothing
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Screen Printing Ink for the Clothing and Textile Industry.

fashion directory  Apollo colors Ltd.:  Screen printing ink manufacturer and supplier of sundry products to the screen printing industry.

fashion directory Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.: Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer of silicone inks, solvent based inks, printing supplies, and equipment for pad printing and screen printing onto silicone rubber, plastics, and textiles (apparel). Boston Industrial Solutions offers turnkey solution for printing onto any textile with both silicone and solvent based inks. The SilTex™ silicone inks are used for direct, 3D, and transfer printing onto any type of apparel. In addition, Boston Industrial Solutions, also offers the NxT™ inks for printing onto synthetic textiles. These inks are complemented by our strong research and development and strong customer service support. Address: 165 New Boston St. #243, Woburn, MA 01801 Phone: +1 (781) 281-2558 E-mail:  Contact name: Jayson French Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. apparel offerings include: Natron™ SilTex™ Textile silicone inks, Natron™ NxT™ Textile inks, Labeling machines and more.

fashion directory  Deco-Chem: manufactures inks and coatings for screen printing, roller coating, coil coating and flexography.  Their 20,000 sq. ft. facility is strategically located in Mishawaka, Indiana: just a few miles north of the geographical center of the screen printing and flexographic printing industries.

fashion directory   International Coating Company: they offer a complete line of textile screen printing inks for all direct printing and heat transfer applications. Their line includes full color palettes of high pigment and standard opacity direct print plastisols, hot spllit and cold peel transer inks. The line includes the RFU UltraMix Color system with bright white, nylon, multipurpose and specialty ink products. They also sell high density inks. Address: 13929 E 166th Street Cerritos CA 90702-7666 Phone # 800 423 4103 or 562 926 1010 Fax # 562 926 9486

fashion directory  Inx International Ink Co.: INX International Ink Co. is a global operation.  They are the third largest producer of ink in North America, the world's largest producer of ink for metal decorating, and the industry leader in water-based flexographic inks.  Their 1,400 employees help manufacture over 100 million pounds of ink a year.

fashion directory  Jin Color Company Ltd. (Taiwan): JINCOLOR Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, one of the largest Pigment Print Paste and Printing Paste manufacturers in Taiwan. They have been specializing in and working at Pigment Resin Color (P.R.C.) prior to the establishment, and well cooperated with Toyo Ink Taiwan Pigment Department for year. In addition to P.R.C. and Printing Paste, Jincolor also provides Pigment Powder, Glitter and Printing Auxiliaries, which are widely applied to Textile Printing, Ink, Paint, Plastic, Rubber, Latex Coloring, Artifical Flower, Decoration and Stationery.

fashion directory  Lancer Group:   Lancer Group International is a leading manufacturer of screen printing products and supplies. Established in 1973, Lancer Group International has since become a world leader in all aspects of textile printing.   Their broad reach includes service in North America, South America, Europe, Asia and many other places around the world. Lancer Group International is founded on the idea that quality and service are first and they will do whatever it takes to meet their customers needs.  Lancer Group International manufactures everything from high quality inks and additives to well crafted printers, dryers and heat transfer machines. Their diverse product line includes Excalibur Series Inks, ColorPRO & PCPRO Pantone Matching Systems, Enviro~Series Cleaning and Reclaiming Supplies, Lancer XK Series Printers and many other products related to screen printing.

fashion directory  Nazdar: is a manufacturer and distributor of premium screen print ink, equipment, and supplies.

fashion directory  Norcote: is a world-class producer of superior quality UV inks for the screen printing industry. Nor-Cote is committed to developing advanced UV inks and other screen printing technologies to improve the efficiency, quality, and consistency of screen printing processes.

fashion directory  Polyone / First Base / Wilflex : phone # 800 326 0226 Offices in USA, England & Australia.  PolyOne Corporation is a global provider of specialized polymer materials and services. PolyOne has operations in thermoplastic compounds, specialty polymer formulations, color and additive systems, thermoplastic resin distribution, and vinyl resins.

fashion directory  QCM: Ink supplier.  QCM is a manufacturer of Plastisol and Water Based Textile Screen Printing Inks.  In business since 1972, QCM has consistently worked on developing ever newer and user friendly textile inks, inks that are creamy, opaque, bleed-resistant and easy to print. Their Super White fast flash and new and improved Glacier Whites XOLB-158 , XOLB-159 and XOLB-151 opaque white inks continue to lead the field.

fashion directory  Ruco: all of their inks are manufactured to the highest standards possible. Yet they can deliver them to your door at costs below their competitors.  But its still the service and support that put them ahead of their competitors.

fashion directory  SFXC : SFXC specialise in screen printing and water-based inks. These products are most suited to materials such as paper, board and textiles, but they also sell systems that work on plastics, metals and other surfaces. In addition, they have binders to complement our range. Manufacturer and supplier of liquid crystal ink, thermochromic paint, color changing ink, glow in the dark powder for resin, fluorescent pigment and photochromic ink. They also specialize in the manufacture of reflective ink, scented pigment, hydrochromic ink, invisible ink, thermochromic ink, etc.

fashion directory  Taukem S.A.: Manufacture of liquid disperse color concentrates, inks and printing pastes for screen printing of paper for sublimation textile transfer.

fashion directory  T.I.G.E.R. (Inks) : With their core brands TIGER Drylac® powder coating, TIGITAL® inks & powders for industrial digital printing and TIGITAL® 3D materials, they create high-quality surfaces with added value.  They manufacture powder coatings & digital printing solutions that add value to our customer's products – protection, function, color, effect, gloss and texture.

fashion directory  Union Inks: Union Ink Co has focused on manufacturing newer and better screen printing inks since its founding in 1931. For over 70 years Union has continued to develop new inks for the screen printer. First with Hot Split Transfer Inks which revived a very dormant Transfer Industry; first with NYLOBOND, which took a good deal of fear away from printing Nylon Windbreakers; and first with Tru-tone Process Colors the standard for 4-color Screen Process Inks. And this year with Flash-back Reflective inks, Photochromic Color Changing Inks, High Square High Density Colors, Union continues to introduce new special effect inks into the T-shirt market. Union manufactures a wide range of products including, what we hope are, the best textile printing plastisols on the market. From the general purpose PLUS series to the new highly acclaimed MIXOPAKE Pantone color mixing system, you can count on high quality inks supplied from over 75 national and international dealers.

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