Rotary Screens for Printing on fabric
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Rotary screen printing can accommodate long fabric lengths, and provides a continuous and economical process. Rotary screen printing printing uses a cylinder-shaped screen (instead of a flat screen used with flatbed machines). The squeegee located inside the cylinder forces the print paste print paste (fed or piped to the cylinder) through the screen and onto the fabric.

Hampton Textile Printing, Inc. : eat transfer fabrics start with heat transfer paper. Hampton utilizes rotary screen printing presses capable of printing up to sixteen colors per pattern. Their state-of-the-art color technology provides consistent and reliable color reproduction.  Hampton recognizes the fashion trend of utilizing coordination of solids and prints. They are able to offer solid colors at a very economical cost with they even-flow screen technique.

Magic Textiles: Rotary Screen Printed fabric involves pressing printing paste or ink through mesh on a cylindrical screen onto fabric.  Rotary screen printing involves a screen which is engraved for each color, and loaded into our rotary screen printer for high speed and high quality textile printing.  They are able to print at up to 1.85 meters wide, and up to 6 colors per design. They can print your own design or you can choose from their design catalogue of over two thousand designs.

SPG Prints - rotary screen textile printing.  In 1963, SPGPrints (at that time known as 'Stork') launched groundbreaking textile printing solutions at ITMA in Hannover. The world's first seamless rotary screen, together with the new rotary screen printing machine, provided a completely new, fast and efficient printing process. For decades, they have been offering high-quality solutions, for the total Rotary Screen workflow, empowering textile printers everywhere to increase efficiency, boost productivity and raise profitability.

Zimmer Austria : ROTASCREEN textile printing machines with ZIMMER MAGNET SYSTEM PLUS are designed in modular constructions, for a wide range of applications. It ensures high quality results with single- or multi-color printing on different substrates such as home textiles, fashion, technical textiles, wall covering and many more.

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