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fashion directory DynaMesh: Dynamesh is a leading supplier of quality pre-press products for the screen printing industry  Address:  1555 W. Hawthorne St., Unit 4E West Chicago, IL 60185 USA Phone: 1-800-235-5056 (1-630-293-5454 outside the U.S.)  Fax: 1-800-335-MESH E-mail:

fashion directory  Hebei Maishi Wire Mesh Manufacturer Group: Hebei Maishi Wire Mesh Manufacture Group, mainly manufacture and export Polyester printing screen mesh and Window screen mesh for long time.  Monofilament polyester is woven from yarn that is extruded from heated polyester into a single strand. The extruded thread is the spun to a precise diameter. Conventional monofilament polyester screen fabric will elongate under tension: the higher the tension level, the more the thread can stretch. At excessive tension levels, the thread reaches its "plastic deformation" point, and the screen will no longer hold tension. Maishi monofilament polyester screen printing mesh (bolting cloth) in low-elongation and high tensile strength with a wide range of mesh counts and significant advantages compared with traditional polyester mesh. Their produce range form 15mesh (6T)-420mesh (165T), width:0.6m to 3.9m ,and three color available: White, Yellow and Black General Specification of Monofilament Polyester Printing Mesh: 15mesh/inch,25mesh/inch, 30mesh/inch, 38mesh/inch, 45 mesh/inch, 55 mesh/inch, 60 mesh/inch, 75mesh/inch, 80mesh/inch,90mesh/inch, 100 mesh/inch, 110mesh/inch, 120 mesh/inch, 135 mesh/inch, 137 mesh/inch, 14 0mesh/inch, 150 mesh/inch, 15 5mesh/inch, 160mesh/inch, 175 mesh/inch, 180 mesh/inch, 195 mesh/inch, 200 mesh/inch, 230 mesh/inch, 250 mesh/inch, 280 mesh/inch, 305 mesh/inch, 355 mesh/inch, 380 mesh/ inch, 420 mesh/ inch.  Address: No. 230 North Youyi Road, Shijiazhuang, Hebei, China

fashion directory  Murakami Company Ltd. has been involved in the research, development and manufacture of photo masks and photosensitive materials for screen printing industry for over 38 years. In 1984, Murakami received the most prestigious Hiragawa award for developing a pure photopolymer SBQ-PVA emulsion. that brought enormous impact in screen printing industry.  They sell Mesh and Emulsion.

fashion directory  Pocono Screen: manufacturer of screen printing frames.

fashion directory Printers Edge
Address: 3566 State Rt. 5 N.E., Cortland, Ohio 44410 USA  Phone: 330-637-2900, Fax:330-637-2901  Toll Free 1-800-467-3343

fashion directory  Sefar Group: The Sefar Group offers a wide range of high quality, precision fabrics for screen printing and filtration processes. Sefar also provides complementary products and services to create solutions.

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