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To successfully print on leather, your ink needs to become part of the very fabric and texture of the leather itself.  Are you looking for factories that print on leather?

  Gateway Jet: UV Printing for Color Based Leather Product Printing. As led uv ink is chemical risistance,the printing is water proof, uv proof and scratch proof. To a degree digital uv printing will be more durable than ecosolvent printing. For products such as phone case, it is not necessary for us to make any protection layer after printing. Digital UV printing machine makes it possible to print high quality & chemical resistant image on color based leather products. Because of the low cost to custom small quantity printing, the leather printer becomes popular among studios and factories. Gateway Technology Industry Co. Ltd has been manufacturing flatbed printer since 2004, and now is one of the earliest flatbed manufacturer in China. Our factory is located in Dongguan which is about one hour away from Guangzhou city.

  Maxcan Color Printing (China) : leather printing machinery.  Dongguan iMaxcan Smart Manufacturing Co.,Ltd  is a high-tech enterprise headquartered in Shenzhen. iMaxcan independently researches and develops multi-purpose UV flatbed printer, all printers of iMaxcan adopt most advanced and popular print head in the market, combining their patented core technology to make their UV flatbed printers ideal for high quality printing in a variety of industrial markets, including but not limited to sign board, digital accessories, leather products, glass and ceramics, home furnishing, packaging products and gifts.

  Roland : Printing on leather turns already valuable products into exciting, upscale items that command high-end prices. Roland VersaUV flatbed technology is available in a range of desktop and large-format flatbed devices. Whether you're looking for leather giftware or upholstery applications, etc. To successfully print on leather, your ink needs to become part of the very fabric and texture of the leather itself.  With Roland VersaUV flatbed technology, that's exactly what ECO-UV ink does by bonding directly to the leather material and taking on its unique texture and form.

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