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fashion directory  CADlink Technology Corporation / FilmMaker : FilmMaker 10 RIP software provides an professional ink-jet screen print film production toolset. FilmMaker's combination of precision screening, optimum density levels, ease of use, as well as a visual job management interface streamline your production workflow, resulting in time and cost savings while creating top quality screen print film on most widely used inkjet printers.

fashion directory  EcoPro Imaging Corporation / Oyo:  color separations from a dry film imager.  You can produce separations directly from your Mac or PC file with out the need for processing or wet chemicals.

fashion directory Highest quality color separations for textile screen printers. Screen print color separations designed by an experienced artist and screen printer. From four color manual printing to 12 color automatic high production printing. Color Separation tools for printing with Spot Colors using Adobe Photoshop®. Designed for Screen Printing on paper and textiles, the software can be used with any halftone printing type. Works in Adobe Photoshop CS5 through CC.

fashion directory  Screenprint Separator: The complete solution to separation design and film output for screen printing. Print your film positives on an inkjet printer.

fashion directory Serichrome Seps :  Serichrome Seps is a leading separator dedicated to providing the highest quality 4 (or more) color separations to screen printers.  Unlike most prepress companies 95% of their prepress business is making color separations for screen printing, primarily for t-shirts. Over the past 25 years we have produced over 100,000 sets of color separations. They have all the tools and personnel needed to be your prepress providerAddress: 2006 Farrington St Dallas TX 75207  Phone # 214 631 5400

fashion directory  T-Biz Network : Take your business to the next level with T-Seps! Compatible with all old Photoshop versions and the newer CC versions.

fashion directory  Tennyson Graphics Pty., Ltd: Comprehensive textile pre-press CAD services. Design, color separation, film production and screen engraving for flat bed and rotary printing processes. Also, web and desktop publishing, symbology, photo tooling and cartography design services.

fashion directory  Wasatch Inc.: Wasatch SoftRIP SP Revolutionizing Digital Color Separations for Screen Printers Inkjet printers are revolutionizing the production of wide format color separations for screen and flexo printing. As the pioneer in this field, Wasatch is pleased to announce a new and more powerful software package created especially for the needs of Screen Printers: Wasatch SoftRIP SP. Features Supports all preseparated and separate-on-RIP workflows. Complete operator control of angles and frequencies of PostScript screens Numerous predefined dot shapes, as well as support for application-defined screens

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