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The squeegees are available in a wide range of hardness levels, compounds, shapes and profiles.  UV, Epoxy, Enamel, Vinyl, and other solvent based ink systems are extremely aggressive to squeegee blades. Inferior quality squeegees tend to: decrease in durometer, swell, and become dull at an accelerated rate due to their inability to resist the harsh solvents and abrasion against the stencil.

fashion directory  Fimor: Established in 1977, FIMOR is a plastic and rubber manufacturing company based in Le MANS FRANCE in a brand new factory, world largest screen-printing blades exporter (85 countries). Besides, FIMOR is involved in electronic applications such as silicone and polyester keypads , and finished products such as Euro-converters. FIMOR has an office in the Guangdong province (China) and a plant in Sarasota (Florida). FIMOR received the "innovative Enterprise" label from the French Research Corporation (ANVAR) and following several years of good international results, FIMOR has been awarded on November 2006 2 trophies ( MIDEST INTERNATIONAL TROPHIE and LES ECHOS ) recognizing the strength of its exports and the performance of his management. Manages screenprinting squeegees, squeegees holders, sharpeners and related products.

fashion directory  Macrokun : screen printing squeegee blades on sale at wholesale prices, buy cheap screen printing squeegee blades from screen printing squeegee blades suppliers, best screen printing squeegee blades for sale. They are screen printing squeegee blades manufacture, screen printing squeegee blades supply.  HEBEI MACROKUN TRADING CO.,LTD is a responsible manufacturer and exporter mainly trade the Monofilament Polyester Screen Printing Mesh, Screen Printing Squeegee, Aluminum Screen Printing Frames all over the world, which was established in 2011.

fashion directory  Pleiger Plastics Company USA: Pleiger Plastics Company has been an innovative and leading manufacturer of high performance Plei-Tech® polyurethane screen printing squeegees since 1988 and is a member of the Screen Printing and Graphic Imaging Association International. Their Plei-Tech® compounds are custom formulated to achieve high solvent resistance and excellent abrasion resistance. This combination results in a squeegee blade that will better maintain its durometer when subjected to aggressive inks and solvents, show minimal swelling during the print run, and retain its sharp edge longer.

fashion directory  Trelleborg Applied Technologies / Unitex Ltd: ULON SQUEEGEES have been manufactured by Unitex for over 25 years and are known for their consistently high quality and performance.  The company is equipped with modern production and process machinery backed by the most up-to-date inspection and quality control facilities approved to ISO 9002.  'ULON' is the ideal squeegee for using with UV curing inks and varnishes. It has high-resistance monomers and other chemical frequently found in UV curing systems minimizing swell distortion and deterioration of the squeegee.  Unitex® screen printing squeegee range is an established brand within Trelleborg Applied Technologies product portfolio. It has a reputation for providing industry-leading performance and exceptional quality. The squeegees are available in a wide range of hardness levels, compounds, shapes and profiles. As part of an ongoing development program, Unitex® remains at the forefront in squeegee technology. The range consists of Unitex® Ulon HP and Unitex® Marathon which cover the full breadth of screen printing applications including printed electronics, graphics, textiles, glass, optical media, bottles and containers. The benefits of Unitex® squeegee blades include excellent print quality and accuracy, extended print runs and longer squeegee life. They are available worldwide, through our experienced sales team and distributor partner.

fashion directory  Watts Squeegees (Watts Urethane Products Ltd.) Watts has been manufacturing the Watts Squeegee Blade for over 35 years. Regarded as one of the World's leading developers and manufacturers, Watts offers possibly the most comprehensive range of Squeegee Blades available to the Screen Printing Industry.  Watts Squeegees are currently sold into over 75 countries worldwide. They work closely with suppliers to specifically formulate Polyurethane Materials to enable the highest performance in certain applications.

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