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Plastisols come in a variety of colors and styles;  process colors, low-fusion, highly elastic, color concentrates, color-matching systems, puff, fluorescent, glier, metallic, high density...  Plastisols print on lights and darks and every color shade in between.  They are generally easy to fuse in most commercial heaters and dryers, whether convection hot air or infrared emission is the source of heat.  Plastisol is time and temperature reacting and generally has a wide window of thermal exposure latitude.  Therefore, they are easy to gel under most flash units.    There are two primary ingredients in a plastisol ink (resin and plasticizer).  The resin is a solid particle of vinyl and the plasticizer is a syrupy liqiud.  When the two are mixed, the plasticizer begins to solvate the surface of the vinyl particles. 

fashion directory Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc.: Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a manufacturer of silicone inks, solvent based inks, printing supplies, and equipment for pad printing and screen printing onto silicone rubber, plastics, and textiles (apparel). Boston Industrial Solutions offers turnkey solution for printing onto any textile with both silicone and solvent based inks. The SilTex™ silicone inks are used for direct, 3D, and transfer printing onto any type of apparel. In addition, Boston Industrial Solutions, also offers the NxT™ inks for printing onto synthetic textiles. These inks are complemented by our strong research and development and strong customer service support. Address: 165 New Boston St. #243, Woburn, MA 01801 Phone: +1 (781) 281-2558 E-mail:  Contact name: Jayson French Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. apparel offerings include: Natron™ SilTex™ Textile silicone inks, Natron™ NxT™ Textile inks, Labeling machines and more.

fashion directory  International Coatings  International Coating Company: they offer a complete line of textile screen printing inks for all direct printing and heat transfer applications. Their line includes full color palettes of high pigment and standard opacity direct print plastisols, hot spllit and cold peel transer inks. The line includes the RFU UltraMix Color system with bright white, nylon, multipurpose and specialty ink products. They also sell high density inks. Address: 13929 E 166th Street Cerritos CA 90702-7666 Phone # 800 423 4103 or 562 926 1010 Fax # 562 926 9486

fashion directory  Lakeside Plastics Inc.  Lakeside Plastics: Lakeside Plastics is a plastisol manufacturer in business since 1971. They are ISO9002 Certified. They offer a full line of plastisol printing ink including high opacity, low bleed, nylon mesh, low cure, special effects and hot split transfer. They offer their line in approximately 60 different colors. In addition, they have lab technicians to offer custom colors matching and compounding. Address: 450W 33rd Ave. Oshkosh, WI 54903 Phone 920 235 3620 Fax # 920 235 6545

fashion directory  Lancer Group  Lancer Group International: they supply a wide range of plastisol ink for direct heat transfer and special effects printing. Pantone color matching systems, ink additives and accesories. Phthalate-free inks and printing adhesives. Address: 311 Saulteaux Crescent Winnipeg, MB, Canada R3J3C& Phone # 800 665 4875 or 204 885 7792 Fax # 800 498 6675

fashion directory  One Stroke  One Stroke Inks: they manufacture a full line of plastisol inks for textiles. Address: 458 Roberts Ave Louisville, KY 40214 Phone 800 942 4447 or 502 366 1070 Fax # 502 366 1344

fashion directory  Rutland Inks  Rutland Plastic Technologies: they produce plastisol screen print inks for textiles. The line includes ink mixing systems, specialty products, white inks and a variety of bases and modifiers. Address: 10021 Rodney Street Pineville, NC 28134 Phone # 800 438 5134 or 704 553 0046

fashion directory  Union Ink  Union Ink Company: Union Ink provides a complete range of plastisol inks for general direct printing, hot-split and cold-peel transfer printing, four color process printing, athletic printing on nylon and polyester athletic uniforms, hig-opacity and low-bleed white inks for 100% cotton and 50/50 dark fabrics, high -opacity colors for printing on dark fabrics. They have three pantone-approved color-mixing systems and a wide variety of special effects inks. Address: 453 Broad Avenue Ridgefield, NJ 07656 Phone # 800 526 0455 or 201 945 5766 Fax # 201 945 4111

fashion directory  Wilflex / Polyone  PolyOne: PolyOne Corporation manufacutures Wilflex and Plast_o-Meric brand plastisol screen printing inks. Their inks apply to most textile printing applications. Their line of ink includes whites, general-purpose,athletic, innovative specialty inks, metallic inks and transfer inks. They also supply color mixing systems, color matching software and automated ink dispensing equipment. Address: 8155 Cobb Center Dr. Kennesaw, GA 30152 Phone # 800 326-0226 # 770 590 3500 Fax 678 290 2749

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