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fashion directory  Glow-Mania International / Way2Glo Inc.:

fashion directory  Hirotech Incorporated / Permaglo: Performance Pellets TM are the premium choice in luminescent color concentrates for processing with plastics by injection molding, blow molding and extrusion methods including: profile, film, fiber, wire and cable. This innovative technology features a high concentration of PERMAGLOW
or EverGlowTM super luminescent crystals combined with a universal carrier that is compatible with all thermoplastic materials.

fashion directory  Pete's Luminous Creations: Pete's Luminous Creations and E-Commerce Services, are related companies, dealing in different areas of business. One deals in the manufaacture and distribution of a wide range of glow in the dark products, while the later deals in Internet services like web hosting, web design and e-commerce. More details on the setup and development of both companies can be found here.

fashion directory   First Base / Wilflex
/ Polyone:  phone # 800 326 0226  Offices in USA, England & Australia

fashion directory  StepUp Creations is proud to introduce their new glow in the dark primary colored screen print ink, called Lights Out (tm). In development for over two years, Lights Out (tm) ink not only makes any color from flourecent pink to black glow brighter than other existing glow in the dark T-shirt inks; THEY GLOW IN THE COLOR THAT THEY ARE.  That's right, their pink is pink in the dark, and their black glows in a greyish tone. Now every color in the book can be used as a specialty ink that will appear in the dark! No longer will your logo be lost when the lights go out. This brand new concept in ink is set to revolutionize the specialty ink market and is only available on shirts printed by StepUp Creations, so get your orders in now and be among the first to offer it on your products.

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